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  1. kalifornistan doesn't allow any new 2011 or for that matter any STI or other 2011 smiths or mfr for sale unless you're either in law enforcement or it's on an approved gun roster (which it's not). the only way a civilian can currently purchase a 2011 is from private seller in the state. thanks. there really isn't a huge market for 2011 unlike AR's where there's multiple mfr. so it's understandable.
  2. is L10 the only one who makes 2011 80%ers?
  3. if you're curious or want clarification on what #3 lube point is as well as a description of the rest of the lube points.
  4. mackey

    CZ TS Limited equip.

    CR speed belt and DAA racemaster holster and pounches
  5. no problems with bear creek 180's. might have had one or two when it was filthy but cleaning gives me reliability that garner surprised compliments from other shooters.
  6. Considering the backlog SV currently has, I'm going to guess then don't want/need anymore lol
  7. purchased the CoCs after reading vogels post. using the #1 right off the bat is challenging to say the least. after a couple days i was able to close it completely and now starting to implement the 1.5. id like to say given a couple months, ill be able to use the #2 then go into a maintenance regiment
  8. mackey


    (womens) beach volleyball would be more interesting in brazil, not in (cold) summer england weather
  9. if theres no obvious signs of damage/wear, id check the spring and give the area a good cleaning if that hasnt already been done
  10. they could fix 90% of their CS issues by updating their website and have it linked to their inventory database.
  11. somewhat late to the party but... what gramms followers are people using for their .40SW CZ TS? CZ specific or S_I? been having followers flipping in the mag using original followers and springs with CZC bases. i believe i need to shave the follower and possibly the mag/base a bit so it doesn't catch as well as getting extra power springs. being the less than motivated (read: lazy) person i am, was thinking of getting the gramms and springs and be done with it. though i was wondering if it's possible to use the "CZ-75*, AT-84, TZ-75, P-9 - Standard (full size) & Longslides" springs from wolff in the TS. I asked the guys at wolff, they weren't sure since they didn't have a sample TS for them to check.
  12. pricegrabber.com to shop/compare for daily deals: fatwallet edealinfo bensbargains woot none are firearms related
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