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  1. I live under the dome in............CT. WE ARE CONSTITUTIONALY OPPRESSED,WERE THE NEW VICTIMS,yu dont want to come here we have 1.5 state troopers for every square mile, not much in the way of shooting.
  2. i like my glock gen 4 ,34 i sleep with it under my pillow, i like it that much and i have put thousands of rounds thrue it. i think it likes me too,it has not shot me yet,ha ha...............buy new you will thank yourself later.
  3. i leave a T allen in mine on the tool head so i can keep an eye on it as the rounds come out THEN I DONT HAVE TO DIG AROUND FOR THE RIGHT ALLEN ITS STUCK THERE...LOL
  4. i think they read my magazines in the toilet before they send them to me,the plastic rapers are never on them and bullett orders have to be picked up there because they are heavy.and my magazines smell funny.......................
  5. forcht rotary is the best auto mated converstion i have used,can not be run fast,remember dillons are meant for hand operation only .if you run them too fast the powder drop does not keep up because it fills by gravity this is where your inconsistincies will come from but your aol will be perfect and crimp cosistent. and you will need mr bullet for colation. I am not sure if you want to change calibers on an automated 1050 they can be fussy on set up you may waste alot of your time going back an forth and you will lose your consistency,might be better to load one caliber i load 9mm on mine and i dont change it ,keeps my power factor perfect for idpa matches cant help with 223,this is just my opinion after owning it for 2 years,good luck you will need it,when it screws up it will ruin many components if not blow up your fleet of primers,thats always exciteing.
  6. i agree no crookid rounds any more have them on all my dillons.............
  7. i have noticed the same went back to my gen 3-34,sometime i think my g-26 shoots better than my 34
  8. MIGHT help to buy a dillon 650 or 1050 loader put your mind at ease did for me......
  9. i run a stocker in ssp love it
  10. see i told you, no problems unless you mess with them, then god only knows what will happen...............it is one of the best idpa guns to date every one seems to use them.
  11. never had a problem with my gen 4 10,000 rnds in idpa and 97 matches 2 top ten finishes in mm
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