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  1. I've run the sig mags in my modded tac ops (Max wasn't designed till after I got it) and they run like a champ. They look very similar to some other magazines hold eight+1 and stick out far enough from a mag well you don't have to use an extended baseplate.
  2. Being an NRA and concealed carry instructor keeps me from burning out. I have to take myself out of the competitive shooter mindset when I'm running a class. For some reason the new shooter excitement keeps me motivated to improve my shooting - that and a wise cracking smart-assed shooting partner.
  3. Look I'm going to get a lot of flak for this but I would say the best press to start out on is a lee pro 1000. It's a three die press, with a simple and easy case feed, easy primer feed, easy powder feed, easy setup, loads 300 rounds an hour. Runs about 149-179 with a roller handle and comes setup in whatever caliber you want. Run a single stage lee with a factory crimp die for final finishing. This allows you to feel every round produced with your hands before chamber checking. Next up chamber check and go/nogo all rounds produced. Shoot and enjoy. Once you've loaded about 10k rounds on it you'll know what features you need and how many stations you'd like to have. For reference I now load on a 650 with Mr. Bullet feeder and run about 1000 rounds an hour on it.
  4. I second this advice - two MBX mags gets you 21 reloadable - Load to 1.18-1.20 - Dawson Ice magwell, 12lb spring, and shoot the piss out of it. Recommended load is 180gr rnfp at 1.185 over 3.9gr E3.
  5. Been using it for quite a while on my single stack gun but I just got a DVC limited and it's just a little thin for the slide cuts on it. I'm switching up to SNO grease to see how it works.
  6. Count me in on the MBX mags. I bought 2 and wish I'd got 3. 20 rounds reloadable no issues so far. Lots less hassle than setting up your own with iffy STI tubes.
  7. 12lb recoil 19lb main - working on a good load right now. Working up 180gr/e3 loads. very satisfied with it even with factory ammo.
  8. I have a DVC in 40. I'm comming from singlestack shooting .45acp 230gr over clays making 170PF. I ran 300 rounds of WWB 165's through the STI and 300 rounds of clays .45acp on my Single Stack - The STI shot softer and recoiled less while making very close to the same PF. The difference for me was in slide cycle time, I've shot radically lightened 2011 bushing guns in making the decision to switch to limited - to me the DVC with the fixed forward weight of the Bull Barrel, long dust cover, and FLG negates any ill effects of the lightened slide in recoil while taking full advantage of the reduced reciprocating mass knocking out most of the "nose dive" on slide close (ran it with the stock recoil spring have since changed to 12lb and nose dive is non-existent now) combined with just some break in ammo not tuned for "soft" feel It noticably out performed the steel framed 1911.
  9. On this run I was able to stay with my sights more than some other runs. The first set of targets was around 30 yds I had one shot that punched a target on the front and would have been an Azone hit but I didn't get the run through. Mag change bobble wasn't my favorite part of the run.
  10. I've run one - I wasn't as impressed with it as I should have been. Seemed to hold the holster where it would twist the belt on the draw stroke and "trap" the pistol. I'm waiting on another holster to come in and I'll give it one more shot before writing it off.
  11. Hey guys. I'm just a C shooter with flashes of what good runs need to look like. This was one of the good ones : What can I do to capture the "rhythm" feeling more frequently?
  12. Was informed 4-40 thread pitch. Leaving up for searches.
  13. Hey guys I got my DVC limited in and have a question that isn't covered in the included material. What thread pitch is the mag release? Thanks, Scott
  14. Please add me to the race for b class - A78487 Shooting Single Stack (C - unsure of %) and Limited (when my gun comes in).
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