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  1. I got the adjustable comb when I bought my 725 but have never had to adjust it from all the way down. I bought a used 425 a with the adjustable comb and had to raise it one spacer. I bought a new BT 99 and had a Graco butpad system and the adjustable comb added aftermarket and it also need one spacer. I figured different guns may need different systems so I get the adjustable just in case I need it, if I don't well ok.
  2. Ron Power built a model 66 for me as the ultimate duty gun (and it was )and I have shot a couple of his PPC revolvers that I thought were the cats meow. Then I actually bought one of Warren Moore's 686 PPC revolvers and shot PPC with it and I think they are every bit as good as the Powers revolvers. Mine was absolutely a masterpiece. After I quit shooting PPC I sold it to another PPC shooter so it would continue tearing up the PPC course (I even shot the Bianchi Cup course with it some and it was awesome there too!)
  3. I had decent luck using Silhouette with 125 grain Extreme plated
  4. Is it possible to change a 6 shot S&W 617 to a 10 shot by swapping the cylinder (if I could find a 10 shot cylinder)?
  5. Warren made one for my MkIII that just slides on the barrel and has a set screw. If I can figure out how to post a pic I will try if you want.(Wish I had seen this post earlier I could have brought it and let you look at it at the Show Me cup)
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