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  1. This is an invitation to shooters from all across the country to visit Oklahoma and participate in a challenging test of USPSA skills. Look for one day of 10 stages and 300+- rounds. Cost for the match is $125.00. There will be a mix of earned prizes, shooter's gifts, drawings and awards. You will want to stick around and see what's in store. Select this link and you will be directed to Practiscore to register. https://practiscore.com/2020-oklahoma-section-championship/register World Champion shooter Max Michel is back again this year with a challenging one-day class on Thursday, June 18th followed by shooting the match on Friday, June 19th as a class squad. Cost for the class is $525. Space is limited. Contact the match director offline to get signed up
  2. Hello Cary,


    I am sorry to bother you, but I was at the OK Sectional last summer, and saw Max Michel teaching a squad. I heard he does this every year. I would really like to try and get this training but I have been unable to contact Mr Michel through his web site, email, or listed phone. I was wondering if you know if the training would happen in 2020, and if so how to sign up ? 


    Thank you,


    Dave Rosen

    1. cbrconst



      Max Michel will be coming back to the 2020 Oklahoma Section match in June.  Stay tuned for more info.


      Cary Rowton

  3. The world needs more CRO's. With a reply here or direct message, how many RO's would be interested in a CRO class in Oklahoma City towards the end of the year?
  4. Max Michel class in conjunction with OK Section has reached capacity for 2019. Stay tuned for 2020
  5. Cimarron Bullets. Small outfit good guy good price
  6. Just bought the nickel mags for Shadow 2. I think they drop easier. AND they're purty
  7. Also try the Spill Stop locator pin replacements from Reloading Innovations. They will help to reduce the plate "jump" which can jostle even a properly seated bullet.
  8. Been pondering this project for my 650 for a while. Now I'm committed. I keep a hand mirror on a hook nearby to check case feed and bullet feed levels. Want to install three cameras. One each for feeders and one aimed at plate to keep an eye on powder level and bullet alignment. Need to see how I can rotate through views with one monitor and/or have split screens. Stay tuned...
  9. I'm proud to announce that the Max Michel Training Academy will be at the Oklahoma Section Championship Match for the 3rd consecutive year in 2019. Max will lead ten participants through an intensive one-day training class on Thursday then shoot the match on Friday with the class. Participants will get personalized skill-set training in class and immediate skills execution feedback during the match. Oklahoma Section Championship Match will be held in Tulsa, OK at the United States Shooting Academy June 28-30, 2019. Max Michel training class held Thursday, June 27th. Class will shoot the match Friday, June 28th. Participants must register and pay for the match on their own. Cost of the class is $500 plus $25 range fee paid to USSA. Ask anyone that has taken the class and I bet you hear that it was money well spent. Contact Cary Rowton here through message or at ty75344.uspsa@gmail.com
  10. cbrconst


    I do not. Don't know where you're located, but I'd try to find one at a retailer. I understand what you're saying about top of post and center of fiber aim. I've never tested it, but the triangle is large enough that top of triangle, center and bottom POI would vary widely even at closer distances. My 2 cents...
  11. cbrconst


    I started off with the 2.5 dpp. Though it's a very fine, precise dot, I would lose it in transitions. Changed to 7.5 triangle and am happy. I use the top of the triangle as point of impact. Losing triangle in transition is a non issue.
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