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  1. They were out as well. But I will check in with Kenny just to be sure. Thanks!
  2. I need 5 or 6 medium, full-size M&P backstraps. We "bling" them and offer them on my site. But S&W and their dealers have been out of stock of mediums for several weeks, and it looks like it might be a few more weeks before they are available again. If you have a medium you don't need, I can either buy it from you or just replace it when they are available again. I will also give you a $10 GunGoddess.com gift certificate. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely look into all your suggestions!
  4. Can I get your advice also please guys, I am new to multi-gun & need to get my own rifle (tactical div). I am 5'3" and 120-ish lbs, so rifle weight has been a consideration, just not sure how big of a deal I should allow that to be. I am leaning towards at a Daniel Defense V7 lightweight. It will need trigger, muzzle brake etc but I like how it feels. Is it a good match gun though? I also saw the Colt Competition, sounds great, ready to go pretty much, a bit heavier though and I've been told "good luck" with actually trying to get one. I also just looked at a JP 15, which has trigger done so almost ready to go. Trying to decide on an optic will be another mission but your thoughts between these 3? Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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