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  1. This should help guide ya. The EGW sear is way oversized, so it will take a lot of fitting. Getting henning’s sear and hammer combo will make the task easier. Henning does a lot of prep work to the sear in his combo.
  2. Any thought to trying Carry Optics? Last year I was looking for a project. Found a TZ75 pre-88 super cheap. Installed spare parts I had on hand. Extreme delta hammer, extreme disco, small frame extreme firing pin, and long sear. This combo provided the best trigger pull out of all the spare parts I had. Polished it all up, put in all new springs to include a 13# CZ hammer spring and VZ grips for a CZ 75. Then when looking for sight options, which were slim pickings, I just decided to go a different route and had the slide milled for a red dot. Problem solved.
  3. @Avenida is this the thread you’re looking for?
  4. Looks like bayou 147s. http://www.bayoubullets.net/9mm-147-gr-fp-3000-ct-case/
  5. Rowdy, Is the rifling nitride coated? Curious if you had to do anything special to ream the throat of the barrel.
  6. kgil275

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    Once you guys start getting the shadow 2, could someone post whether the inside and outside of the barrel is nitride coated? More interested in knowing if the inside of the barrel is coated. Thnx
  7. Any chance of getting a video with the hammer included in the video?
  8. Here is an old post that has a wealth of info.
  9. Has anyone taken a shadow, with the bushing, to a major match and got any push back from the crono crew?
  10. Here is an older thread with a pic. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=159812&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1
  11. Is your stock 2 running a factory plunger spring? A week plunger spring can allow the trigger bar to slip off the disconnector to soon during DA
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