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  1. i agree with Talon 75, total hack job. yuk.
  2. What is the maximum length of pull you can get with the Magpul stock? Is the comb height adjustable? and can you run the Stoeger recoil reducer on the stock attachment stud? Thanks!
  3. dependent on the gun you could purchase an adjustable stock and fit yourself. Or if not available you can add adhesive foam cheek riser to the comb. They have a psa backing that sticks good if you clean the synthetic stock first. You can adjust the length of pull by adding plastic or aluminum spacers, you might want to add a recoil reducer to the stock. Your dimensions can be picked up off your trap gun as a starting point. You did not say what sport you were going to shoot with this gun, 3 gun or something other than trap, so you dimensions may need to be reduced a little. While you make you adjustments you can shot a point of impact target at 10 -12 yards, draw a cross hair on a 4foot square of cardboard and shoot directly (flat)at it. The shot will not spread and it will give you a starting location for the setup, gun shoots high, or low and make adjustments. You could call Ray Stafford in Broomfield , CO. He is a pro shooter and should be able to help. Rays number is 303-465-1006. Good Luck.
  4. dantrap


    i use mod in the bottom barrel (.020") and full in the top barrel (.035"). 2-3/4 dram 8s for both shots unless its real windy. Then i shoot 3 dram 7-1/2s. I like the new Federal Grand shell for ATA shoots and what ever i got laying around for practice. I am a AA- 27- A dbls. shooter. All i can say is the faster you can shoot the better, good luck.
  5. Hi, just getting back to you, if have any 30 left let me know and i will purchase a few. Sorry for the delayed responce, just super busy. 

    Merry Christmas 

    Dan S.

    1. Tech32


      Yeah, I have some.  Let me check how many and get back to you.

    2. Tech32


      I have 3 left.


  6. How about the new design mags? They are hard to get, is there a workable option? thanks
  7. I have tested large vs small primer 230 grain round nose with 5.5 of Power Pistol using dopler radar @ work and have seen minimal velocity variation. The Dopler can check in inches the full distance to the target face, and i have seen only a fee FPS change. I did learn CCI primers are the most consistent of all i have tested. All of my testing was done using the same head stamp brass, once fired. i also checked the radar against the chrono We use and found the chrono to read higher speeds +10 to +15 FPS all the time. Take it for what its worth, this was done is an accredited test lab I was luck to have access too.
  8. A break open gun like a Browning BT-99 will keep you going for a while. Or just use your 3gn shotgun until you figure out how much Trap you going to shoot.
  9. Ranger from Morgan optical. Various color changes dependent on background and sun light. Color also changes if you you shooting black rim targets vs all Orange or green. Most optic shops have a color wheel with recomended colors for overcast vs bright days, background color such as trees vs desert and target / rim color. Morgan can provide perscripition lens as well.
  10. For Handguns yes, but for a Modern sporting rifle "AR" no. Dont bring it. As of 2014 New York has really hit gun owners hard with the SAFE act.
  11. I have a 682x Combo with 50k rounds thru it. They hold up great. I would recommend having the trigger converted to full mechanical instead of recoil activated for the Second shot. The triggers are the weak point using coil springs. Step up to a Ljutic or Perazzi for life long lasting shooting.
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