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  1. No question get the 1050 with the 223 dies installed. I find the Lee pistol dies to be great. I have found the Dillon 223 dies to be the best.
  2. When I ordered my 1050 I ordered the Powder Check. I unwrapped it but never installed it. You can use one with the a Bulletfeeder but you need a combo seater/crimp die. I am almost certain you can load lead with Mr. Bulletfeeder but I haven't done this. I only load copper.
  3. One last thing, you want the Dillon 223 carbide dies. And I would skip the Powder Check.
  4. Nice... Where do you think the best place to buy a Mr. Bullet Feeder is at? I got mine from Shooters Connection.
  5. Bobby, I would reach out to Brian or go directly to Dillon. That's a long list and there are different ways to approach how you fulfill this list. Honestly, I would get the press with one caliber install it, get it running and run a few thousand rounds. Next get a Mr. Bulletfeeder and get it working. Then add all the rest. It may not take you that long to get it all running t that's how I would approach it.
  6. This has improved every aspect of the operation of my 1050. It has solved multiple small problems.
  7. Over the holidays one of my goals has been to stabilize my 1050. This began with adding another layer of plywood to the top, more screws into the wall... All the normal stuff. This did help but not as much as expected. I got my best results from adding a brace to the case feeder. Instead of following the pack and bracing to the wall, we angled this down to the table. The press doesn't move at all now. The brace is set at about a 60 degree angle from the top of the case feeder square tube down to the table. We used aluminum square tube with a U bolt at the top and a fabbed angle bracket at the bottom that is screwed into the table.
  8. The plunger is not binding at all. There is plenty of grease. I believe the spring is weak. I will call Dillon tomorrow.
  9. My case feeder isn't pushing the shells into the shell plate adequately. I think the spring has worn out. Any suggestions?
  10. I had similar issues when I first got my 550 a few years back. It never really ran great until I completely disassembled the machine. I also disassembled the machine yesterday and carefully lubed the whole machine. I know the complete tear down insured all the moving parts were lubed to the same degree.
  11. Only if you know what you did to cause the improvement. I think it was the smoothing of the primer slide area that made the big difference. I also think I tuned the indexing a bit finer that it was before. This is the first time I had zero primer issues and the machine just ran much smoother.
  12. 1500 rounds with zero failures. It looks like I finally am headed down the right path here.
  13. Whatever I did this morning it seams to have gone a long way towards a solution. Over 900 rounds. Zero primer problems only a couple of kernels of powder on the shell plate. I have been going slow. I think I will load another 500 9 MM and see how she loads
  14. All back together. Adjusted the Pawl. Machine feels very smooth. About to load some primers and see how it runs. Maybe I have made some headway.
  15. Thanks Jim. Since you live 5 minutes away can you run over and assist?
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