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  1. Ok, I am also one of the cheap hardheaded people. Didn’t want to invest in the new moon clips, reloading stuff, and the new gun that would require work before it was ready. There was my old 1911 to fall back on.
  2. So does it hurt S&W parts if polished to a mirror shine? I always heard that only the thin color save hardened top layer was hardened and that it would shorten the lifespan of the part.
  3. Haven’t shot my 625 in USPSA in a long time. Never see any other revolver shooters. Question: Does anyone out there still shoot 6-round major in revolver anymore?
  4. Guy gave me about four bags when I bought a used Hornady reloading press. I am cheap. The smaller bag is my preference. I use the cardboard box that Bullets came in to hold stuff on one end, and I use a plastic coffee can on the other end to hold ammo and mags. Prior to that I used a 20+ year old bag made for fishing that was suppose to float. It was basically open inside, and I used boxes and make the compartments I needed. I really miss that old bag. Used it until it fell apart. In my opinion, brand may not matter as much as picking the right size and ensuring you have what you need and not much more.
  5. I have carried a 442 for years in a Galco PH158 pocket holster, and it looks like hell for it. Good little gun for the money, and that was important to me.
  6. For shooting major with my 625, I like the Pachymair Presentation grips.
  7. i might help on the tax issue. If your state charges sales tax, you still owe tax - even if you purchase via the internet from another state. There are some options as to how things are handled: They charge no tax on the sale and trust that you will pay the tax on your income tax return (this is called use tax). They could collect and remit sales tax for the many different states they do business with (pain in the butt). They could collect sales tax because they have sufficient nexus in your state to justify it, meaning they have employees or facilities in your state. In short, it is not correct that we avoid sales tax by purchasing something from out of state or over the internet - we still owe the tax. Kind of sucks.
  8. It's beautiful but late. I would like to think they built it just because of my feedback a few years ago, but I know better. Yes, I would like to have one. Yes, an eight shot 9mm would put them in a great position to take some sales away from S&W. LISTEN UP RUGER!!! Build us an eight round revolver, too. Don't be too late to the party again.
  9. This is an old topic, but here is what we do at our new club: The evening before the match, I and a fellow committee member lay out as many of the stages as possible, placing the bases for the target stands where they will go and placing stakes where the poppers go. As for the classifier, we actually get a long tape measure and a string to establish a center line and measure everything to the inch. Because we are relatively new, we don't want anything to cause the classifier to be thrown out.
  10. I have noticed the striker fired plastic guns to be more popular in my area for a long time - even if they are not competitors. Especially, a lot of guys treat their Glocks like Erector Sets and do all sorts of modifications to them. Therefore, I suppose that the lower initial cost and the larger after market support must make a difference. Also, it seems like the DA/SA semiautomatic is just kind of dying off; people tend to follow trends. At the moment, most of the guys I shoot with have come down with the CZ virus, and everybody is showing up with $1,700 guns after they have an opportunity to test fire one. BTW, there is a guy we shoot with at another club who we sometimes call "Mr. Sig." That's one guy!!!
  11. You do not have to run to slide lock. You start facing uprange, turn, fire 2x each, reload, and fire 2x each.
  12. Looks like fun. Is that a Steel Challenge gun?
  13. Some things can make the sport less fun: Family and work are the two big things that eat up a lot of time and wear you out. At this time, I'm the President of our local gun club - that takes a little time. I and a few others also host our clubs USPSA matches - that can be a lot of work and time. While I've never gotten tired of shooting, I've gotten burned out in general and have felt this way for a while. I think I'm burned out but not necessarily from shooting. The shooting is usually the one bright spot in the month. To combat these feeling, I back off of something; take a break; or switch things up. At yesterday's match, I shot my S&W 686 with a 2 1/2" barrel from a Blade Tech IWB holster and used my Comp II speedloaders. I got jokes from my buddies about shrinking my gun in the dryer but had a ball shooting one of my carry guns that seldom gets shot; it also started some good conversations with other revolver guys. Sometimes I break out the 1911 for a change because it seldom gets shot either. Plinking is also a good thing to do every once in a while - no structure - just goof off and have fun.
  14. In the last few years: 625 PC had bad grips, bad polish job on the exterior, and did not have the "hand tuned" action as advertised. The gun had a rougher action than most new Smiths right out of the box. The gun was a different animal after an action job and a set of grips. Love it. 2 1/2" 686 seems like a great gun. The crown looks a little funny (out of round), but the gun satisfies me. Love it. 4" 629 was a great gun right out of the box. I changed the grips. Love it. 442 (four year old?) is a good little gun. LOTS of holster wear. The action has smoothed up with just a little bit of shooting. Love it. On the whole, I cannot complain about S&W revolvers, but it sucks when they drop the ball, and it is not ok to put a gun out there that is not up to specs or not delivered with the advertised features.
  15. I love S&W revolvers but agree completely with the above statement! My 625 PC is a great gun, but there wasn't a "tuned" or "hand fit" thing about it; the action was rougher and heavier than any other new Smith I've seen; there are also a few places where the final buffing/finishing wasn't perfect; and the poorly fit grips had a sharp edge that dug into your hand. I've shot other regular production revolvers that were smoother, such as my new 629. While I've never had to return one to the factory, I can tell you that all but one of a handful of calls to S&W customer service have been very frustrating. If I need a part, I make every effort to get my factory part somewhere else. However, nothing is better than a good S&W revolver whether new or old.
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