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  1. Matchbook is out and it looks like a good time. Can't wait to get to Florida.
  2. Curious if anyone has experimented with the Springer pads on the Mec Gar .40 mags? Their extended mags hold 15, wondering if you can squeeze another 1 or 2 extra with the Springer pads. I know it's a pipe dream to get enough rounds into a 96 for a decent Limited blaster, but maybe someone has played around with this?
  3. I had a G17 that shot 8” left at 20 yds. I had plenty of other Glocks in my safe and never had the issue before. A couple other people shot it with the same results, so I began experimenting with different parts to correct it. I quickly discovered that is was in the upper, as swapping other uppers onto the G17 frame resulted in perfect hits. It got weird when I swapped barrels and slides. The slide worked great with other barrels, and the barrel worked great with other slides, but putting the two together, on any frame, resulted in the way left hits. Ultimately I didn’t want to spend any
  4. Rumor on the Beretta Forum is MSRP of $1399...
  5. Yep. Anything for the Vertec, M9A1, or M9A3 will work. I’m partial to Blade Tech.
  6. Great club, great people, great matches. Sure miss you guys. Excluding our deployed servicemen and women, I might be the the longest distance active member of WSSA. Phil
  7. My personal solution to the target focus dilemma was an Open gun.
  8. That's a neat mod, nice job. The Brigadier and Vertec slides are becoming very rare and very very expensive. Brig slides alone are running $500+ these days. If you got 'em, enjoy 'em!
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