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  1. Saul, is the expected availability date of mid-February for the next production run still looking good?
  2. Does anyone know if the DeltaPoint Pro uses the same 4 hole locating pattern as the original DeltaPoint?
  3. Wondering if anyone has some starting point suggestions for a light load using 124 & 115 gr MG JHP and something like W-231? Brass is Starline 38 SC & Federal small pistol primers. Pistol is a 626 with a 6" barrel sized for .355 dia bullets. I've found some info online ranging anywhere from 4.1 to 5.6 using 231, though 4.1 has me worried about squibs.
  4. If I understand correctly these are rounds, once-fired & range pick-up, that you've loaded but not fired so the chamber in your gun isn't a factor (at this point anyway). If the range pick-up brass has a number of reloads on it, was shot out of a poorly supported/over sized chamber barrel or was just loaded REALLY hot.... that may be the source of the more significantly bulged brass. If it's bulged down by the extractor groove nothing but a Case-Pro will straighten that out (in my experience). A quick way to weed them out is to set your digital calipers at ~ .386" or what ever will fit in
  5. Spraying 300-500 cases with One-Shot, I use a plastic tray, takes at most 30 seconds... then I dump it in the case feeder and I'm ready to go. No kidding, you really owe it to yourself to try some One-Shot aerosol it makes a BIG difference in how smooth the press runs and allows better "feel" during de-priming & priming... and everything else. I doubt you'll ever go back to running dry. I use carbide dies too BTW. Regarding the OP's question, I leave the One-Shot on my rounds, it doesn't look as pretty but I've never had a problem with it.
  6. That thread was "Finally the perfect open gun optic" and it was locked a while ago. The guy making the sight is/was Jared Drinkwater "jid2" on this site. He has a website/company called Binary Engineering but I haven't seen the sight mentioned anywhere there. I sent him a PM back in December and at that time he was still working on the project, I don't know what's happening with it now.
  7. I'm wondering if anyone has had Mark Hartshorne do some work for them in the last 6-8 months?
  8. Since the brass length shouldn't affect OAL it may be a difference in case diameter between "fresh" brass and what your sizing die produces (or possibly material hardness). If the unfired brass offers more resistance to the bullet when seating you could be seeing the effect of very slight deflection in the mechanism of your press that doesn't occur with a little less seating force.
  9. I often see that that kind of soot with 3n38 at about the same load, no issues so far. For a thread on bulging see http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=157732&hl=bulge#entry1764107 I bought a Case-Pro so I could keep my brass in top shape, however with the bulging I described in that thread the Case-Pro has very little to no effect & @ 10+ relaods on new Starline brass I have no feeding or extracting issues.
  10. I guess it all depends on how gear-crazy you are and what you can, &/or are willing to, spend on your open gun! I'll admit it, if it's functional, cool and super-high quality... I'll give it a try That said I think most of us are assuming it'll be on the pricey side but not 3x what top of the line optics cost now..... ...so, good point.
  11. I concur about the limited value of a patent, at least in my experience.... a super high quality sight, serviceable and continually refined for our specific use would be a no-brainer purchase as far as I'm concerned even if the price was more than any other sight currently on the market. The price would just determine how many of my pistols got to wear one! The design does look awesome and based on other posts I've seen of yours the precision and quality are already there... I would agree with others that it should fit a "standard" mount pattern/placement with only the left side of the frame
  12. I've been having trouble getting in touch with Mike Calloway/Schuemann Barrels and wondered if anyone had any info that might explain why.
  13. I have a steel SVI/Infinity grip on my open gun. I cannot say I notice any tuning fork effect, but maybe I'm not that sensitive. It is heavy which is why I'm trying an aluminum 7075 version on the pistol I'm putting together now. On the other hand I don't know that it provides any great advantage especially when you consider the cost but the SVI grip shape fits me well and I like metal. A lot of SVI shooters have steel or aluminum grips so it's clearly a viable option, to each his own I guess. FWIW fit is critical as the grip boss to frame slot does most of the work, Brandon at SVI was emphat
  14. ....though I never thought about quitting I, like Alphamikefoxtrot, did have back and shoulder trouble when loading for extended sessions until I mounted my press on a tall bench. I picked a height that allowed me to stand and swing my arm through a natural arc. I don't have the number handy but I think it's in the 40+ inch range plus a Dillon Strong Mount, I'll check tomrrow. I use One-shot too and my body says "thank you"....
  15. I'm finding that I need to run a fair amount of case-mouth bell or flare to get my GSI bullet feeder to run reliably. Particularly with Zero 125 gr JHP as they have a pretty sharp edge on the base, at least compared to MG JHPs. After CasePro roll sizing and then running them through a Dillon sizing die I get a very consistent case OD of .378" up towards the case mouth. I seem to need a flared diameter of at least .386-.388", about .005" of flare radially, to not have a 1-in-50 or so jam where the case mouth catches the lower edge of the bullet and digs into the jacket. The GSI works like a cha
  16. My Razorcat* is an STI w/SVI grip, Limcat did the fitting. I am building another open gun and will be fitting an SVI grip to that as well, I'll let you know how it goes! * plz excuse the low quality camera pic
  17. gose, thanks a bunch, I'm going to give CSG another call but it sounds like what you're describing is, in fact the case. I've looked at the CFLC web site and it all seems pretty straightforward. Thanks to all for the help.
  18. Yep.... frame with a serial number is the issue.
  19. "Find another plater that has an FFL & specializes in gun coatings." Thanks, though I'm looking to have TiCN coating applied by a company that has experience with firearms and there don't seem to be a lot of them. Coating Services Group seems to have experience, examples of pistols are given with almost every coating flavor, and are reasonable in terms of both price and turn-around. I am, however, open to suggestions. ...seems like I need to give them another call, perhaps they have an FFL and I misunderstood. CA law, as it pertains to anything to do with firearms is confusing at best a
  20. Hmmmmm.... this is a plater, not a FFL holder in CA. They were clear in stating that I, as an out of CA/state resident, non-FFL holder, would have to have the frame sent to them by an FFL-holder in my state, in addition I would need to file a DOJ application to ship into CA and that form would need to be included with the shipment. I asked if the DOJ document was state or federal and was told it was a federal form... perhaps that was incorrect and it's a CA application with the CADOJ? The plater, Coating Services Group, seemed very familiar with the process but was not specific about the proce
  21. The process (shipped from FFL to them & DOJ shipping form) was described by the finisher as required for out-of-state (CA) shipment of a frame into CA, or at least to them. The source of the required form/application and the process for applying was not....
  22. I am looking into shipping an STI frame and slide into California for finishing work. I know the frame will need to be shipped from/by an FFL holder to the finisher but I understand I'll also need to fill out some sort of federal DOJ transport/shipping form and include that with FFL info in the package. I haven't been able to locate this form or information pertaining to it as of yet, does anyone have some info on the process?
  23. Out of curiosity can anyone with a HybriComp ported barrel in 38 Super tell me what the smallest diameter of the port is? I understand it's a tapered hole so I'm looking for the diameter where it pierces the barrel.
  24. I've used all three, purple, blue & red. While as a rule, for 4-40 & 5-40 threads, I would normally use purple I have found over time that nothing short of red prevents loosening of those screws until I want to take 'em out. I have always started with clean, grease-free dry threads so I don't know if its a combination of heat and shock or what but, less than red = loose for me. BTW there are a large number of Loctite "reds" some are high temp, some have high breakaway torque then a lower prevail (effort to turn after the screw's broken loose)torque and some go the other way. I use 262
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