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  1. bberkley


    Tell him to slow down, or practice dry-fire draws every day 100 times with an empty gun and the hammer cocked until he manages to keep his finger off the trigger when disengaging the safety. His draw mechanics are not correct, maybe getting the Burkett videos and working on the draw will help him stop doing that. The problem isn't the light trigger, if he switches to a Glock, he will eventually do the same thing with that pistol until he corrects his draw.
  2. Payton's Roundhouse in Aurora. This place is awesome, one of the best meals I've had anywhere.
  3. Albany Rifle & Pistol Club has hosted the USPSA Multigun Nationals, and Area 1 on more than one occasion. What part of Texas.. is that in? ............... Northwest part....... I didn't see the requirement that it be in Texas. Plus, we have an awesome club with lots of Major Match experience at the helm.
  4. Albany Rifle & Pistol Club has hosted the USPSA Multigun Nationals, and Area 1 on more than one occasion.
  5. My son was put on Propanalol when he had his 2nd episode of SVT at 11 months. The medicine gave him nightmares, he was not the same child on the drug as he was off it. After 1 month of hell, the Pediatric Cardiologist switched him to digoxin, which he took for 1 year with no side-effects. He is now 5.5 years old and hasn't had a recurrence of SVT. I know an adult that was on it post-heart attack, and he said he had the oddest dreams. Not a drug I would be interested in taking if it messes up your sleep.
  6. bberkley


    Stephan, I have gear you can borrow.
  7. By some accounts, its argueable that a Tundra is not a truck either. ha ha just kidding. Also, was doing some reading, the Ridgeline gets 15/20 mpg city/hwy.... thats the same rating as a Silverado 1500 with a 5.3 V8. Just FYI. (oh, and the Tundra is 13/17, BTW). I get 22mpg on the highway with my 2006 Ridgeline. If you aren't romping on the accelerator, its reasonably fuel efficient. Plus, its a ULEV.
  8. We have a lot of Macs at work as well, and I've been running into quite a few (3 in the last month) that were brand new, and absolutely wouldn't connect via ethernet, wouldn't netboot, and a bootcamp partition with XP wouldn't work either (airport worked fine). We've gotten the runaround from Apple repair, and its really a huge pain when you have thousands of systems in your network environment, including other Macs, and they have no issues whatsoever. The new Macs are all Intel except for the ethernet card (Yukon). Its across the board, Macbooks, Macbook Pros, iMacs, and the Mac Minis.
  9. If you get Vista, I would highly recommend that you do not get a system with an ATI Video chipset unless you are running XP. ATI's drivers blow goats for Vista, at least with a majority of the dual-monitor stuff we are using at work. Get something with NVidia, and don't skimp on RAM. 4GB should do. Get a 7200rpm disk drive. I just got a brand new Dell XPS 1530 at work, its the only thing I am missing on my vacation (well, I've only averaged 2 hours of work a day on vacation, so its still technically a vacation, right?).
  10. I haven't sent the barrel to Briley yet for the choke threading. I have about 130 rounds through it, today I went and shot about 15 slugs through it, all low-recoil variety. Lawman gave me some B&P, Federal, and Remington low-recoil slugs to try out and said the B&P won't run in any auto shotgun he knows of. They ran fine in the 930. I did have a FTF with the Federal on the 2nd round, but that could have been me not shouldering the gun enough, I don't know. THat and the fact that I haven't so much as lubed anything since I got it new. I haven't noticed any problems with it that a proper lubrication/cleaning wouldn't cure. Gun runs and gobbles up everything I've shot out of it. I'm hoping someone cooks up some side-saddle and slide-lock kit for it soon. I don't have a bunch of shotgun gear for 3gun except for a few belt-mounted 6-shell carriers.
  11. What is the capacity with the +4? Also, how much does it protrude past the end of the barrel? 8+1 and 2+ inches.
  12. So, trying to get my MSTN QC comp indexed to top-dead-center, I managed to shear the barrel extension alignment pin off my Noveske SPR barrel. Anyone know the dimensions so maybe I can find a machine shop to fix it for me so I don't have to ship it back to Noveske?
  13. I've won CR SPeed rigs via USPSA Junior Raffle, and once I told them what I wanted, it was delivered pretty quick. If you have kids, they'll get a kick out of all the stamps on the package.
  14. I bought a 2006 Ridgeline RTL used last summer. I love it. I traded in my 2004 Pilot for it. There is a great website for Ridgeline Owners here: http://www.ridgelineownersclub.com/ And if you're interested in some square side-steps for yours when you get it, I know where you can find a pair (I took mine off).
  15. Not if its a Noveske barrel, but I don't think you can use NFA-restricted weapons in a USPSA event.
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