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  1. I shoot 9mm major in my TruBor - for the past 7 years now. I've never shot a .38 super, and I'm sure they are perfectly suitable. But, I never "defend" the 9mm major or try to "justify my choice" - I merely respond to the frequent questions asked here on BE (should I use a 9mm major or a .38 super). I've never had a problem with my 9mm major, and I share that info, freely, with anyone interested in making an informed decision on 9mm vs .38 super question. BUT, Never defend or justify - just share information based on my experience (the purpose of this type of Forum). Well said Hi Power!
  2. Check the article on that subject on the Scheumann website..
  3. Hello, new open shooter here,, currently shooting shorty 9mm Major. My question is, if shooting 9mm is there no need, or possibility for popple holes because of case capacity?
  4. I too, am new at Open Guns,, currently shooting 115 CMJ's and AC.. but running low I do have some faster powders,, N320, Unique, & WST,, anyone have any suggestions about Bullet / Powder combos I also have some 124gr Bayou Bullets (coated lead).. in stock. HELP!
  5. can you use a faster powder like VV N320 with 115gr bullets in an Open Gun? (assuming that's all I can get)
  6. Does anyone know if Scheumann is still building barrels? If not, what is the next best bet?
  7. I like Mr. Blackman's question, as I am thinking about jumping into an Open Gun. (with no clue about what I need, can use, or the "Hot Setup") Not sure about the comment "Will jar your teeth, but shoots like a dream" means, there is obviously more to shooting an Open gun than SS, sooooo, is a "Shorty" in 9mm with Poppelholes, & 3-4 ports the perfect gun, or should a NEWBIE just get an entry level Open like an STI Trubor in 38SC or 38Super? In over my head!
  8. Being a fairly New Guy to this sport I am not qualified to judge the worthiness of Un-announced Chrono's. But I think I was at the match in question, AND was one of the guys who's ammo failed the Chrono,, and I thought it was OK, "So Be IT", being new to Reloading as well, I just loaded from the manual,so it was a good lesson for me. Anyway I failed the check, my comment is that some of the folks who also failed did not sign the test sheets either on purpose or accidentally, and RUMOR had it, that there were some who tested ammo from a special box. NOW I agree that the Rules are the Rules,,but no one checked the weight of the bullets tested, and no one made sure the tests were signed, so if we are going to have Surprise Chronos,, then let's do it right..
  9. What is she going to use the gun for,home defense, CCW, or Competition? Seems like a full size would be cumbersome for lugging around in her purse.
  10. Hello, I just joined the forum, and have a picture that I would like to make into either a Photo, or Avatar,, can you tell me how much it would cost to have something modified to fit the forum parameters? thanks, rrs
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