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  1. Since P80 is now offering a serialized version now, it should qualify easliy for production/co since they're so popular and if they submit the paperwork.
  2. I was able to cram 2.5 ounces of fishing split shot on the backstrap. To me it balances out the gun a bit, still needs more weight. I'm only at 29.7oz now.
  3. I have a Spearcat in 38sc and it's a sweet ride!
  4. A little off topic... I shot a Kriss Vector CRB for about a whole season in PCC and was somewhat competitive against the AR9s excvept doing speed reloads I was at a disadvantage because of the left side mag release. It was actually more flat shooting than all my AR9s.
  5. Thanks dudes! I now have many options to try.
  6. What a beauty! How does it shoot??
  7. I would start with replacing the ejector and test fire, see how it ejects.
  8. Oh, didn't know they're the same action
  9. Shouldn't a Rem 700 be on your list?
  10. I agree, I've tried a few and settled on a GoGun racer cut. I even use a GoGun on my Origin 12 shotgun for 3gun and will droo.one on my Veprcat.
  11. Switched from Salomon Speedcross to Merrell Moab 2, better fit and traction all around.
  12. I modify my open pistol drills for PCC since I mostly shoot pistol stages.
  13. Q-tips and Windex glass cleaner then I apply some Rain-X.
  14. Loaded 600rds for CO. 200rds for open. Next will load 45s...
  15. I use a 6 in my cmore and 3.25 for my RMR. Better to go smaller in a smaller window.
  16. A gas pedal is a huge benefit. I've been using one for the past 20 years. What brand you using?
  17. Extractor maybe be loose, bend to tighten. Check your ejector angle too.
  18. Doesn't TTI do barrel bending or he use to a years ago.
  19. Looking for mag pouches for a Vepr 12
  20. Thx for the Everglades bullet lead gonna try some for PCC, CO and minor open
  21. I've read about the same issues with the dot disappearing months ago seems there are defective ones still floating around. I didn't want to risk exchanging a defective for another and/or sending it back for repair. Anyways, the RMR type 2 was only a few dollars more and the dot is much brighter less flaring and overall build quality is much better. You get what you pay for...
  22. I run Aftec in most of my comp guns for the past 20+ years with no real issues but I do switch out the springs after about 5-8K rounds. I also run standard extractors too but have to readjust them in about the same amount of rounds.
  23. Tumbling occurs cuz I'm shooting 115gr major loads and going faster than recommended speed limits for plated bullets.
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