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  1. just coming from the test drive, went with 2 different loads 7.7 silhouette 1.145 oal 124JHP(Johnny´s instruction) and 169 PF, then i took the ammo i used with my previous gun 7.5 silhouette 1.155 OAL 124 JHP montana and got 165PF. i am shooting IPSC so i am gonna try 7.4 sillhouette to get it flatter, it was a lot different than my previous open maybe is the recoil master, but i am loving this flashcat right now Best regards
  2. Just receiving my new Limcat flashcat can't wait to test it
  3. my father has 4 poppleholes in a full size 9major open with a brazos thundercomp, no problems so far Best regards
  4. I have one sti mag and i am using it without spacer best regards
  5. Update last week i sent my gun to my gunsmith to make the new upper unit, with the parts you help me to choose and today he sent me this pic, i am really happy with the result I can´t wait to receive it tomorrow to take it for a test drive Thank you very much to all for your help best regards from venezuela
  6. i don´t think so, i bought a 5" barrel and made the thread, and the comp separately, but i am not sure, i haven´t seen it best regards
  7. Updating this thread i received the parts listed Above last friday, but i have a national championship this week, so i bought another slide, a brazos thundercomp(2 weeks ago) and rebuild my last upper, when i come back from the national, i will build the new FS Upper unit It runs realy flat comparing with my older setup, and comparing with my father´s open gun best regards
  8. I am using right now a shorty 9mm major with a brazos Thundercomp barrel, i just received it last saturday, works really good, using silhouette and Montana Gold 124gr JHP works really good best regards
  9. with the silhouette so far so good, it is a really good powder for 9mm major the best i have tested i will use it next year with montana MGB9MM124GR. CMJ and winchester primers I really dont want poppleholes for two reasons 1) my scope mount will interfere is i made them, 2) i dont like the feeling, i will go with bull barrel 5.4" and the PF will be around 164 best regards
  10. you are completely right i also think it was the powder or the link, the thing is that was the powder i found in that time, right now i found Silhouette and thats is the powder i am going to use from now on, this year i shot and i didn´t take time to check what was the best for my open, i took advice from my friends that shoots open class, but they are 38 super BIG mistake best regards
  11. this is the gun i have right now caspian 4.5" slide/ sti barrel/ comp? WHO knows what it is LOL, SS guide rod, this is my first open gun, and y went from D class to B this year but the gun bounces a lot and the dot is not quiet, also is fault of the imr 7625 powder with the broken slide i decided to search for info, and build a new upper unit, i have been using for the las 2 months my dads gun wich is STI slide/shuemann hybrid comp with 4 poppleholes/ brazos customs comp/ recoil master and the gun is a lot easier to shoot responses better than mine but it is really on the heavy side this gun, so i want something as flat as possible but easy to handle between targets and transitions best regards and thank you for your opinions some videos of the behaviour of the gun
  12. He is talking about my gun,he shot it looked over at me with a grin and said it was like cheating. I have one with a Schuemann and 3 with Clark Barrels they all shoot good. It is hard to find a Schuemann maybe try an SVI. I should add I have a Bedel Ti and a couple BCG II's, the TJ DP#2 it the one you want. i chose the shuemann, and ordered the rest of the parts except the comp, i am trying to get the dawson comp but it didn´t accept my credit card at the dawson´s page, weird i am going to try again tomorrow if it doesn´t accept the credit card i will have to buy the bedell, and next year i will order the dawson with a friend in USA Best regards
  13. i am from puerto ordaz about 8 hours from caracas, the shooting here is not so big as USA, but in a national match there are about 150 shooters, we have them in diferent regions of the country, for example to maracaibo i must drive for 16hours to shoot but i like it and that all that matters of course Xd
  14. Hi i have just finished the shooting season here in my country but i got not so good new, my slide is broken in three diferent parts,the weird thing is that the slide just had 1k rounds (i changed the slide in july), so i decided to build a new slide, but i am in venezuela and i don´t want to make a wrong choice so these are the parts that i chose, my father made his new upper unit in february in 9 major also but he is using popple holes, the parts i will buy them in shooters connection, i usually use speed shooters but they dont have most of the parts i need, this will be used in a new Sti classic slide i also got a colt slide i choose what i will use when i receive them Barrel Schuemann .355 Bull Barrel Threaded 5.4" 32 twist,i chose this one because i used to have one in the limited gun i had, also there is a kkm KKM .355 Caliber Bull Barrel Threaded 5.4" Extractor Aftec Advanced Competition Extractor Guide rod STI RecoilMaster Firing pin and firing pin stop Limcat Firing Pin - XL STI Firing Pin Stop ISMI Firing Pin Spring- Heavy Duty Racker Cheely Custom Slide Racker Compensator Here is where i am full of doubts because i only have 3 options, notice that i will be using Silhouete powder, with 125gr RN bullet, and winchester primer with a PF of 164 aprox, i dont want to use popple holes but i want a real flat gun with a good recoil here are the options Bedell Custom Titanium Comp BCG Thundercomp 2 Dawson Awesome Comp #2 TJ from some imput on the internet, and my little experience with the brazos, i think the best option is the dawson but i don´t know the weight of the comp will become an issue also is larger than the brazos or the bedell, because the brazos works better with popple holes,and the bedell i dont have so much reference of it, i have a friend that had the brazos and the bedell and he told it has a similar behaviour like the brazos also i will order this trigger group Koenig/EGW Ultimate Trigger Kit because i tested it in my dads gun and also tested the extreme kit but i like the egw most What do you think about this set up? i am asking because in venezuela is a lot difficult to get the parts and i am going to import them, a mistake will be hard to solve here Best regards and sorry for the long of the post
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