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  1. SinistralRifleman, It's a pity your September match was cancelled. Were you all closer, I know several of us from VA would have been there. It was interesting to see your comment about the "two man team event" in Camden. Our April 3 gun match here (Richmond, VA) was, as far as I can tell, the first of it's kind and very well received. - we'll be doing another in October. It's a format I hope will catch on. If you'd like to see what we did in that regard, I'll be glad to send you the stages. Thanks for your support of the 3 gun game. Regards, Joe http://bc3g.ath.cx
  2. I suggest the CM carrier assembly. The EZ Loader works fine, but can get in the way if you have side saddles and reload with the 1100 across your shoulder and the loading gate just below your chin.
  3. We'll be hosting a unique (as far as I can tell) team 3 gun match at Black Creek (BC3G, Mechanicsville, VA) on April 29th. For those of you interested in the concept, check out our website and cofs at http://bc3g.ath.cx
  4. Bill Roth, in reply to my email today, said they were "working on it".
  5. I recently had a failure to eject as you describe and found out it was the ejector - the spring was broken into four pieces. Like the last two guys said - check the ejector.
  6. Platinum


    My 12FV (.308, 1 in 10) likes the 147s and 150s, but doesn't care a bit for the Fed 168 SMK. I have some 180s and will test them out soon. Never a dull moment with firearms.
  7. Platinum


    Caspian38, It seems the general consensus is the Savage is a very accurate rifle "out of the box". My experience confirms that: 12FV with 26" barrel and Accutrigger with South African 147 grain FMJ @ 300yards = 2.5" group. I now have the Choate sniper stock on it and expect even better things. There were a lot of "..." in front of your 5MOA - that was 5 MOA, right?
  8. Mike, I was glad to see your post yesterday explaining what "outlaw" is to those who only know "IPSC". Your match looks great - please send more details as they become available. I have my 3 gun match that weekend as well and plan to be at yours. Just in case you haven't seen it, our Black Creek 3 Gun website is up and running. The URL is http://bc3g.ath.cx Hope to see you back up here in '06. Happy New Year, Joe Fallis BC3G
  9. AustinMike, Yep, $300 is what I paid for the 1100 I have just like yours. I see them at that price regularly out this way (Richmond, VA). I much prefer the 26" barrel and with the addition of a Choate mag tube (makes it 9+1) and a CM carrier assembly (loading latch as refered to in a previous reply) it's been a very reliable shotgun for 3 gun matches. You might also want to add some Tru-Glo fiber sights to the vent rib for long slug shots. Enjoy.
  10. Amen! In the monthly multi-gun matches I put on (all stages are 3-gun - Why? Because I can), the person who is the best with all three firearms does very well and often wins, but not always. Efficiency of movement and transitioning between firearms figures significantly in the outcome. This single-firearm mindset that I see out there will make it difficult for those folks who have it to enjoy the challenge and excitement of transitioning and operating two or more firearms in a stage. Multi-gun means too much gear to carry? Stick with pistol-only matches!
  11. Phil, We'll take care of the long guns - make my day and come over. Joe
  12. As for the "next big match", you're all invited to my outlaw club match on the 29th in Richmond, VA (140 rounds, all three guns, all stages). ------------------------ I moved this post from the State of 3 Gunning thread to here because it is a match announcement and deserves it's own soapbox. Thanks Geoffrey Linder
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