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  1. Having 2 additional smaller stages available as classifiers would allow clubs with smaller bays to hold matches higher than a level 1.
  2. Both are viable for loading 9mm.
  3. Another vote for WST, it's a great powder for 38 spec.
  4. 4.8 would be a good starting load for that bullet.
  5. I just use a 200gr truncated cone profile and they feed great.
  6. Do you have any 9mm brass available? If not I'd like to be put on the preorder list. Please let me know your process for payment.


    Chris Warren

  7. I've been using WST for steel challenge loads in a PCC with a 16" barrel. 124 gr lrn 3.9 - 4.4 gr with good results.
  8. Cfish

    Load data

    H335 is not a viable 9mm powder.
  9. If we could get magpul to sell us the stock that comes with the TCR 22 , which is lighter than the hunter, the folks in the commie states would be very happy.
  10. The SW 15-22 is worth looking at since it's an AR, light and reliable.
  11. What powder charge and bullet wt are you planning on loading? There is older data for WST but is it best used for lower PF loads. I've never had compressed loads with lower PF loads.
  12. Thanks, I was just curious since I also have an iron sight TS barrel and I feel your pain in reference to the low rear.
  13. Did you try the taller front sight with the stock TS rear?
  14. That hasn't been my experience. It's long story, the worst CS I have seen in a while. After two months, promises but zero resolution. I'll just move on and only deal with customer centered company's.
  15. You won't get your complete order from Taran Tactical and CS will ignore you!
  16. I use 3.6 gr N320 for 135gr coated. 1.125" oal
  17. I'm also a 135gr fan for my pistols and I prefer the RN BB with no lube groove. Your 125's run great out of my PCC!
  18. 4.2-4.4 is a good range for W231 with 124's. But as always work up to this range.
  19. What size is the wave spring ? If I was to purchase some from a supplier.
  20. I believe the minimum barrel length is 10" for IDPA. This could change because I think PCC is still a provisional division.
  21. I'm using 4.4 of WST with a 124gr lead roundnose @ 1.125 in a Yankee hill barrel. Accurate with minimal recoil.
  22. I toss all the CBC in the recycle bucket. Not worth the time or effort!
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