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  1. If you build you control everything and can take up every available inch. I built a huge bench in order to hold 3 presses and everything else that ends up on it. I started out with a kitchen table that had fold down edges. I took off one edge and bolted the one in the back to the wall. The pics above show you what extremes you can go to. Its your world I just know I wouldn't drop a couple hundred on a bench.
  2. A lot of people also break the "treat every weapon as if it was loaded" rule in the gun games too. Seriously, If you can interpret the rules based on how you feel why even have a rulebook? I think any logical english speaker would look at those rules and say the shooter is not liable therefore no DQ. I think Bill Clinton would say I dont care what the rules say the uncodified rules of gun safety say you are DQ'ed and I bet my buddies would agree.
  3. Chuck volunteered because he had experience and knew that who ever conducted the investigation would catching it for a long time from those who wanted it swept under a rug and quiet and those that wanted a mass grave. That's leadership. So, Phil wanted it to go away, but Chuck stepped up and did something? No clue what Phil wanted but several posting on the A6 spacebook page did and I'm sure a lot of non vocal members did too. Its obvious that there were several extremes on this and Chuck knew that.
  4. Chuck volunteered because he had experience and knew that who ever conducted the investigation would catching it for a long time from those who wanted it swept under a rug and quiet and those that wanted a mass grave. That's leadership.
  5. I am a fan of civility in civil company. I try to avoid snide comments like "comprehension is key" so i dont look like an arrogant jerk. However, there are those who deserve no civility. There are acts that require condemnation. Loud condemnation. This is not someone who flipped and caught a round at ulsc.
  6. The corporate leadership ie chuck are all over this. Its the area 6 core on facebook that are making this very disturbing. I have shot a local match with a lot of this crew and was blown away by the results. No video, no real evidence of anything just a wow that got shot horribly and beat everybody. Then this and everybody is like quit talking about the face of area 6 trolls he is an honorable man and how dare you question anyone else! I like to think i have a rough idea of the integrity of my inner circle and if i crushed a bunch of gms with one of them running the timer i would be looking at
  7. You missed the words before and after doodie is ruining uspsa The. Area 6 leadership and inner circle when faced with the fact that our match results are like a north korean election responded by: Doodie is ruining uspsa This is all trolling If you are mean to wsd we wont work any more matches Paul hendrix is an honorable wonderful man that contibuted greatly to area 6 and uspsa Whats not to freak out about? If its no big deal it will continue. If wsd is a pillar what are the scumbags doing? Should i pay 140 to get scores based on who i rode with? Doodie and their appropriate reaction
  8. By my count there are like 5 or 6 people losing their minds over it, and they seem to be the same people that lose their minds over other stuff too. Most of us are glad this was brought to light and glad USPSA is handling it and willing to wait a few days or weeks for them to announce their findings and actions. I yhink the freakout is geographically based. If hq is a couple miles away no problem. If this is your area and your local membership praising him and freaking out about a meme thread saying this is no big deal but doodie is ruining uspsa its time to freak out.I sstarted to freak out
  9. Well hq needs to do something quick before a6 and the ga section give him a medal and name the regional match after him. I guess a lot of people think if you work enough matches you earn certain priviledges. I understand you being loyal when a friend is accused of a crime but once you see it on video if you continue to stand by them you are complicit. I now just have to assume that most of these guys view it as no big deal just like giving your buddy a little leniency on cover calls in idpa. The worst part is its not a small group who rides together and just started. We will never be rid of
  10. This coupled with the good luck finding help at matches posts make me believe this is both accepted and widespread. Im just about done with this "sport".
  11. Personally the fact that every 'scandal' in USPA is shrouded in secrecy and not allowed to be discussed makes me think I know about 1/8 of the shiftiness involved in the sport. If it was talked about and there was some transparency I would have more faith but the code of silence to me is more troubling than the actual event.
  12. It was on the ground at a police range. I guess people get bored.
  13. Struggling with pics but found this at the range and it baffled me. Its a top bulge and it is about .40.
  14. I load 223 on the lee turret like a madman and do 40 on the SDB. good system and I am happy with both.
  15. I have a frankford arsenal with thousands of hours on it. I have left it running for days before.
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