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  1. Take out the upper receiver. Insert an empty magazine and wiggle it up and down (observe the movement with and without pushing the release magazine). If the magazine is too loose, that will create problems with feeding ammo because the magazine is too low (eventually resulting in a nose dive). This usually occurs when using a plastic grip 2011. Thanks!
  2. I sliced my finger 2x during resizing 40 cal case
  3. I can only help you all 1911 and 2011 pistol.. I live in Adams blvd. Every 3rd Saturday of the month I compete Zev fun shoot @ Piru. If you want to meet me just let me know.
  4. I can help, I live in Los Angeles dowtown, I build my own 6 sti 2011 already 9mm & 40. pm me
  5. Try it again without using the spring that hold the amby safety and slide stop. It might be your spring that pushes the slide stop is a little bit strong..
  6. Loading here BE 3.3 with OAL 1.190, spring rate 9lbs
  7. If you have a squib bullet to your barrel BANG! Backup gun is the best..
  8. With a little mods of casefeeder, I have 550b with Mr bullet feeder and dillon casefeeder I can loads 5 calibers 9mm,40,45,7.62x39 & .308 with no problem, 100 rnds/5 mins.
  9. I have 550b as well with casefeeder and mr bulletfeeder awsome! 100 rnds feels like 5-10 mintes
  10. The powder rod should be installed and check the primer seating cup didn't hit the shell plate while rotating.
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