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  1. 21 hours ago, tcazes said:

    Hmmmm yea it's for 9mm


    I used PD hollowpoint for my major 9mm, schuemann AET 24 twist with  popper holes with max michell comps using autocomp 1.165 OAL with 6.8 grn CCI 500 primers, PF 172-174.

  2. 13 hours ago, zzt said:

    I have STI 126 mags with Grams guts and Extended base pads.  I have STI 140 mags with Grams guts and base plate.  I have 1st gen SVI mags that didn't work with Grams guts, but run fine with TTI guts and base pads.  I also have MBX mags.


    I'm tired of screwing around tuning STI feed lips.  Frankly, I'm tired of STI anything.  I sold all my STI tuned mags.  I kept three to use for dry fire practice.  I have two SVI 140s and one SVI big stick, all with TTI guts and base pads.  I use them for times when I have to drop a mag on dust or loose dirt.  If it is grass of stone, I use my MBX mags.  They run and run, and take abuse that would send STI mags back to the tuning shop for feed lip remedy.  The MBX runs so well I'm considering selling the three SVI mags and buying more MBX.  I'm way to old to be fussing with this stuff, and I have zero tolerance for failures during a match.  BTW, I HATE spacers.

    exactly what I did.  +1

  3. Is this an open gun or a standard 2011?  l suggest that you file the ejector little by little until it will completely eject the bullet (this depends on the bullet you want to use).  Then fire the gun around 1K rounds before you do anything else.


    Make sure the magazine with one bullet left will eject properly. It's because during the course of fire, the remaining bullet will go forward a little bit, so when you eject the magazine, the bullet nose or magazine follower will touch the  ramp of the barrel. If this happens and your magazine get's stuck, start filing the protruding barrel ramp little by little until the magazine can be released without any issues.


    About the scratches, start finalizing until the gun will no longer have a problem. You may use a regular metal polish or buff polish by Brownell's.


    Hope this helps. Good luck. 

  4. On 3/8/2017 at 0:40 PM, Sandbagger123 said:

    So i emailed them about getting a sample of the 124gr to try in my open gun. Seeing that i have been using BBI in it and have no issues, i was surprised to get the answer " due to liability we can not reccomend them in a open gun"  from them.  don't know what liabilty would be involved. 


    anyone use the 124 in their open gun?


    My open gun didn't like it, schuemann barrel  9mm major, no matter I've tried shoots everywhere. My open gun likes acme bullet shoots accurate.

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