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  1. When you rack the slide slowly possible it would not go full battery, cuz the firing pin catch the sears and it helps to slow down the slide into battery(hence specially if you have hard firing pin spring). So you don't need to rack it slowly.
  2. So you mean, I can still use the gun with/without the reset spring with no issues?
  3. I have issues on reset spring on the striker pin, after a couple of dry fire without caps the reset spring cut into half.
  4. The comp originally is Max Bedel Titatium. I did all the works of my open gun. Thanks for liking
  5. go to last page to the bottom. I think that is Holosun
  6. I used PD hollowpoint for my major 9mm, schuemann AET 24 twist with popper holes with max michell comps using autocomp 1.165 OAL with 6.8 grn CCI 500 primers, PF 172-174.
  7. I suggest filing 1/4 of the ejector's top half ( top right corner) at a 20 degree angle and 3/4 of its bottom half (bottom right corner) at a 60 degree angle. However, your measurements may differ from mine since they vary depending on how long your ejector is.
  8. Try use new magazine like MBX, that's what happened to me installed everything it turn out the cause is the magazine.
  9. My open gun didn't like it, schuemann barrel 9mm major, no matter I've tried shoots everywhere. My open gun likes acme bullet shoots accurate.
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