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  1. go to last page to the bottom. I think that is Holosun
  2. Use Q-Tips to clean your lens every stages, Problem Solved!
  3. watch @ 1:38-1:40 that is exactly what happened to your casing
  4. I used PD hollowpoint for my major 9mm, schuemann AET 24 twist with popper holes with max michell comps using autocomp 1.165 OAL with 6.8 grn CCI 500 primers, PF 172-174.
  5. X-Line Vario Triggers – Flat Extra Short
  6. I suggest filing 1/4 of the ejector's top half ( top right corner) at a 20 degree angle and 3/4 of its bottom half (bottom right corner) at a 60 degree angle. However, your measurements may differ from mine since they vary depending on how long your ejector is.
  7. Try use new magazine like MBX, that's what happened to me installed everything it turn out the cause is the magazine.
  8. When you reload the feed lips of the magazine hits the raill. Thanks
  9. it means that the slide is not travel far back enough with the guide rod. If there is a buff, try not to use it.
  10. What you gonna do with the old good barrel (throw it)? Find another gunsmith.
  11. Is this an open gun or a standard 2011? l suggest that you file the ejector little by little until it will completely eject the bullet (this depends on the bullet you want to use). Then fire the gun around 1K rounds before you do anything else. Make sure the magazine with one bullet left will eject properly. It's because during the course of fire, the remaining bullet will go forward a little bit, so when you eject the magazine, the bullet nose or magazine follower will touch the ramp of the barrel. If this happens and your magazine get's stuck, start filing the protruding barrel ramp little by little until the magazine can be released without any issues. About the scratches, start finalizing until the gun will no longer have a problem. You may use a regular metal polish or buff polish by Brownell's. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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