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  1. Put the first rounds through my 1301 yesterday. Alternated 2 boxes each of Wal Mart bulk Federal (2 3/4 7-1/2 shot 3 DR 1 1/8 oz. 1200 FPS) with RIO (2 3/4 7- 1/2 shot 2 3/4 DR 1.0z. 1210 FPS) Also mixed in 5 rounds of Federal Slugs. Used stock IC choke. Slugs were POA / POI at 25 yd. with 3" grouping shooting off hand. Need to purchase some low recoil slugs and confirm at different distances. Federal ran 100%. First box of RIO had 100% failure to feed. Last box maybe 1 out of 4 or five would feed OK. Need to clean, lube and repeat next week. Plan to try other loads as well. I expect to be able to run 2 3/4 DR loads after break in. FYI only YMMV. Only mods have been to install a plus 6 Nordic tube, add HIViz front sight and some mild opening of the loading port. I only radiiussed the sharp edge of the port and worked on the step at the front that was catching the second shell during reloads. Much improved but more mods to the loading port will be done down the road but I want to run it,as is, to fully understand where to remove material and how much to remove. Carlson chokes on order. My focus will be on the archer before I do much to the arrow. First match will be at the end of July. Here's some photos.
  2. I skipped a match last Sunday and went to the range to practice instead. Good thing because about 15 minutes into the practice my holster fell completely off the belt. All three screws had come loose. Gun was in hand but if I was at a match it probably would have been holstered and I would have been munching on Dilly Bars at the DQ The next stop was the Mega - Lo Mart to get some blue Loctite. We focus so much on keeping our magazines & guns maintained that we sometimes forget the little things. Lesson learned.
  3. A shooter in the same squad as me was DQ'd this Saturday. She was the first shooter on the first stage! Of course everyone felt bad but a DQ infraction is a DQ. The bright spot was not only did this shooter accept the responsibility for the DQ, she stayed with the Squad for all 6 stages (3 plus hours)and actively kept score, pasted targets and RO'd as well. Her help was really appreciated but more importantly she kept her normal cheerful attitude and we were all able to enjoy her presence for the remainder of the day. Definitely handled with a lot of class.
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