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  1. Patrickxx

    1911 custom pistolsmiths

    Another vote for Matt Mclearn great work and great customer service.
  2. Patrickxx

    140mm vs 170mm

    I'd like to hear who said this too if you would pm me please. I've got 2 170's and 4 140's I tend to use the 170's the most. I like the reloads with them over the 140's. never have had reliability issues with either and I like more bullets.
  3. Patrickxx

    I want to try open

    Come on over to the dark side open is a blast. Best of luck if you make the jump!!
  4. Patrickxx

    DQ'd today

    The DQ is a tough one. I pushed a little to hard at a major match this year and got myself dq'd due to a training failure on my part. I need to make it clearer during movement with long guns. I hope you can get some training in and try and correct the issue and get back to a great sport. If a break is what you need then when you come back you can refocus slow down and stay safe till your ready to run full speed. Good luck and I hope things go smoother next match.
  5. Patrickxx

    Which semi auto shotgun are you running for 3-gun

    firebird has one out with a lower they build in house it's aluminum and has pins to disassemble like an ar and an upper but I'm not sure if there are any original akdal parts in it.
  6. Patrickxx

    Safariland WTF

    I made a plate for my els belt so I could use the qls. I beleive you can also drill the belt or the qls female plate. My plate has made my holster stick out more then I like and I'll be making changes. The qls has more hold and I prefer it for my holster.
  7. Patrickxx

    Matt McLearn Open Gun.

    Mine shoots really soft and really flat the trigger is silky smooth. I can't say I've shot any of the other popular open guns. I had an old caspian and then went to a McLearn and I love it I wouldn't trade mine for anything.
  8. Patrickxx

    Matt McLearn Open Gun.

    I agree. His workmanship is amazing and the guns just flat shoots!!!!!
  9. Patrickxx

    Starting Open, Old School vs New advice (38s v 9M).

    When I ordered my new gun two years ago I was open to suggestions not having a lot of open guns to shoot and try I ended up picking one I'd had a 38 super. The gunsmith recommended 38 sc and I love the way it shoots. However I've never shot 9 major. My next gun will be a 38sc because I love the way mine shoots now.
  10. Patrickxx

    Worlds best open gun?

    What a can of worms. I have an M2i custom by Matt McLearn and it's a dream to shoot absolutely love it. It's got very refined lines and styling cuts it's not the wildest looking open gun but it shoots really nice and Matt was a wonder to work with. To be fair I haven't shot many of the other varieties if you get the chance take it everyone's different.
  11. Patrickxx

    38 Super Comp

    Starline brass has been performing great for me
  12. Patrickxx

    nordic corvette comp

    I've got both a corvette and a rolling thunder. My preference is towards the rolling thunder due to the noise of the corvette it's flat out loud. However it does shoot soft.
  13. Patrickxx

    Offset irons on rifle - left handed shooter

    I myself don't move my right hand I twist the the rifle with my left hand on the pistol grip and let it rotate in my right hand so my forearm isn't ever really by the ejection port when I shoot offset sights.
  14. Patrickxx

    open caliber poll

    M2i custom 38 SC
  15. Patrickxx

    Charging handle and latch?

    Another vote for the raptor I shoot my rifle left handed and love the raptor.