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  1. Thanks for the reply, yes 10rd pistol mags only. I am looking for loads specifically developed for the Stag 3G.
  2. I have a new Stag 3G and am looking for anyone that has experience loading accurate ammunition for this rifle. It will be used for competition shooting, mainly at 100 to 200 yards. I am thinking of using BLC2 for powder but am open to suggestions. I have tried my 55g fmj frontiers over BLC2 and it doesn’t particularly shoot these well. Thanks for your help.
  3. I love my tanfoglio in 9mm. I think a ramped barrel is important if shooting 9mm in the 1911 platform. This gun is a soft shooting machine! I run Dawson mags and 124g campro’s over time group. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I use Clays for my 45acp 230g match loads and 700X for my 200g LSWC practice loads. I use an aquarium air pump zip tied to the powder measure to vibrate the 700X in the hopper. It seems to work quite well.
  5. LOL, it's funny you should say that. These were Armscorp, they are not steel core and they did shoot like crap. I will load all 1000 up and use them for practice ammo. The 55g projectiles were way more accurate. I was shocked at how bad the 62g were.
  6. Thanks Steve, I'll start around 22.5 and work up some loads dependent upon accuracy while watching for pressure signs.
  7. I am new to reloading rifle and have just started working up loads for 55g and 62g fmj for my Jp upper being used in 3Gun. The only powder I could find up in Ontario was Win748. I am using range brass, mostly used Norinco 223 and CCI small rifle primers. The press is an XL 650 using Lee dies. So far I have settled upon a load of 26g for the 55g projectiles, it seems accurate enough and cycles the gun no problem. There are no pressure signs on the spent brass. I am having a hard time finding a load for the 62g fmj projectiles. Does anyone have any suggestions? I hope to buy some CFE 223 when ever it becomes available but for now I am stuck with Win 748. It meters well but I see it is temperature sensitive. Thanks
  8. I am new to reloading rifle cartridges so I thought I would try this unit for case prep. It works well and is a quality unit. My only concern is acquiring replacement heads for the cutter, deburring and chamfer heads. Being new to this I think I pushed too hard on the deburring and chamfer heads and dulled them.
  9. Here is a 3Gun practice I held at our club before Christmas. It was a simple stage with all 3 firearms being used. This was my quickest run. I'm using a Jp upper on an Armalite lower with a Geiselle 3G trigger, Vortex 1-6 HD scope, Benelli Nova and a G17. http://youtu.be/yMOsgujDoN8?list=UUygTqXekt1R_P3xel7Cs2Jg
  10. I am running a Phase 5 bolt release on my Jp upper and ever since I installed it I have noticed that the bolt does not lock open after the last round is fired consistently. Has anyone else experienced this? The Phase 5 appears to be the only model that will fit the PSC-11. I have checked the gas setting and it is not the issue, no matter how much I open it up the problem persists. My next question is, if I cannot solve this problem what do I do? Is it better to run with the Phase 5 with inconsistent last round locking or run the stock bolt release on the left side? The rifle is used for 3Gun and IPSC rifle matches.
  11. Wow, I can't believe how difficult it is to get pistol powder in the States, I thought it was bad here in Canada!
  12. My first and only press is a Dillon 650. I load mostly 45acp and 9mm but occasionally some 38sp for CAS. I have never loaded rifle but am thinking about it. I love the Dillon, I run a case feeder and am able to load 100rds of 45acp in around 7mins. I find caliber changes to be simple and fairly painless. I broke the plastic indexing arm due to my own stupidity and Dillon sent me a replacement at no charge! Their customer service is top notch. I plan on reloading 223, 308 and 30-06 eventually and I'm not sure if I will use the 650 or go with a single stage press.
  13. Six on my belt. I have only run out of ammunition once, it was my fault.
  14. Ballistol anyone? Synthetic transmission fluid? I hate paying ridiculous mark ups for gun related lubricants.
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