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  1. I have used Acme, Bayou, BBI, Everglades and ibejiheads. All 124 or 125s, all .356s over 3.8 grains of titegroup. With these, there is no leading. They reload easy, shoot well through my CZ75 Accu, Q5 Match and G19. I am working on my third bulk pack of 3500 since January getting the loading done and they weigh at least 124 and quality is spot on. Worth a try. It looks like they charge 17.00 to ship. I live close enough to pick up.
  2. I have tried many of the same and found these work as good as the others. Small business, they support the competitive shooting community locally. Well, and they are purple. https://www.kingshooters.com/bulk-pc-bullets/bulk-pc-bullets-3014
  3. Old school Armorall worked great for me. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  4. I am so waiting for my shipping notification.
  5. When the pre-order was placed, expected shipping was after Christmas. So they aren't late, I am impatient.
  6. I keep checking to see if they shipped in the US, not yet. All I want for Christmas is a shipping notification.... Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  7. As the owner of a Q5 Steel Frame, I was looking at replacement guide rods and spring options. 3 have presented themselves as viable options. 1 - SpringCo recoil reduction system 2 - DPM Recoil management system 3 - ZR Tactical Solutions Solid guide rod and flat spring The solid guide rod and spring seems to be the simplest solution, what are the perceived befefits of the other two vs the guide rod and spring choice? And what are the differences when using the Spring Co vs DPM? Or is this all silliness?
  8. The only choice that might work and I mean might that I can think of is the Safariland Pro-Fit holster. They list the CZ-75 but not the Tango. I have the long slide and it works for the CZ-75 Shadow. See attachment for the fit guide. Your milage may vary. Pro_Fit_Fit_Chart_12_16 (1).pdf
  9. I use the G-Code bang boxes. I have one for each of the calibers I shoot. Sign up for their coupon codes and wait to place the order. They really are the best option I found. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  10. I can say that you can just buy the die and the powder funnel. The die holds about 7 bullets. This makes placing the bullet super easy, quicker and more consistent than by hand. I did this for about a year. Recently, I got one of the magazine tubes and it is easy and simple. I don't know how much faster it is than just the die. As said above the bullet feeder with collator is where I will eventually end up.
  11. I use the LOK Boggie Palm Swells. They remove skin after about 500 or 600 rounds.
  12. http://benstoegerproshop.com/daa-hornady-powder-funnel-for-double-alpha-mr-bullet-feeder/ http://benstoegerproshop.com/mr-bulletfeeder-by-double-alpha-academy-daa-bullet-feed-die-assembly-only/ I replaced the powder funnel with the DAA one as it was recommended to make things work better. I bought the die only and put it in station 3. (1 - Decap and resize, 2 - powder drop and bell with DAA funnel, 3 - Mr bullet feeder die, 4 - Seat, 5 - Crimp). The bullet feeder die holds 6 - 9mm 125 Grain BBI bullets. So I still have to place the bullets into the die the correct orientation, but the die places them in the case. So it is more consistent and easier for me. I only have to make sure they are going in the die right side up. https://youtu.be/G8p0u7lJg80 Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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