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  1. SJan

    X5 Legion accuracy

    https://www.sigsauer.com/support/faqs/ They say 2" at 10 yards. That translates to 3" at 15. My best groups with hot factory ammo is within that range. I will continue to work on a load that is acceptable, but It sucks to have to make different loads for different guns of the same caliber.
  2. SJan

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I'm not happy with the accuracy of my legion. My 9mm load is 147 Ibejiheads over WST at 130 PF. Shooting from a bench and rangebag as a rest, at 15 yards my legion prints a 5" buskshot pattern. The same ammo is 2" 10 shot groups in my other 9mm pistols, STI, Glock, M&P... I have tried several factory loads in the legion, the best accuracy being hot 115 and 124, stuff that's 135 or 140+PF and is no where near as soft shooting as my reloads. These are acceptable 2" groups. At the advice from a good source I ordered and tested ibejiheads sized to .357 b
  3. After make ready, but before the beep... DQ under rule 10.4.3 "This includes any shot fired during the procedures outlined in rule 8.3.1"
  4. I like N350 for sc. It takes 8.something to make major with 124g jhp. I have also used N105. That needs 10-11g. Both of these powders were more popular in 5" barrel guns, no popple holes, and comps with 5,6,7+ ports
  5. No official USPSA in CT. A couple of outlaw things. Depending on where in CT your closest will be either: Bradford in southern RI Or Granby and Monson in central MA. Here is the section calendar, it will be more populated as the outdoor season gets going http://www.uspsa-ne.org/matches.html
  6. What? Fast twist (1 in 10") is needed to stabilize heavy bullets like 147s... Slower twist (1 in 16") will only stabilize lighter bullets. Is the twist rate actually published anywhere by sig?
  7. The price on this was too good to pass. I have a Delta Point Pro arriving tomorrow to mount up. I think its from late '90's. Anyone know if the factory keeps track of serial number production date stuff? ETA: Factory gun from 1997
  8. I recently got a unmissable deal on a really old SV open blaster; with it I got a bunch of mags, some had these aluminum base pads. https://imgur.com/h2e8Ykc https://imgur.com/LdCs69Z The others in the lot had what I know to be Grams basepads with the similar U shaped retention clip, but they are made of a black plastic (delrin?) Did Grams ever make basepads of aluminum?
  9. What is the weight on the 510c. Their website only include weight with it's mount, that won't be used on an open gun. Wondering if it's similar to an aluminum slide ride
  10. I was on this boat, until during a weak hand required string my knuckle bumped the safety up. Now I run ambi that is heavily modified on the right side to fit my hand during normal freestyle, but is still enough to ride my thumb on during weak hand only.
  11. Here is my blaster featuring Arredondo comp and hard chrome, built by a local smith
  12. I tried it once for a batch of 40 major ammo. Standard deviation improved slightly, but not worth the time.
  13. I have recently tried fiocchi primers in 2 of my guns without problems. Neither of those are primer sensitive anyway. But the 150 count packaging... ?
  14. Like some others in this thread, I am using a Timney 3 lb in my PCC. No issues with it whatsoever
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