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  1. The price on this was too good to pass. I have a Delta Point Pro arriving tomorrow to mount up. I think its from late '90's. Anyone know if the factory keeps track of serial number production date stuff? ETA: Factory gun from 1997
  2. I recently got a unmissable deal on a really old SV open blaster; with it I got a bunch of mags, some had these aluminum base pads. https://imgur.com/h2e8Ykc https://imgur.com/LdCs69Z The others in the lot had what I know to be Grams basepads with the similar U shaped retention clip, but they are made of a black plastic (delrin?) Did Grams ever make basepads of aluminum?
  3. What is the weight on the 510c. Their website only include weight with it's mount, that won't be used on an open gun. Wondering if it's similar to an aluminum slide ride
  4. I was on this boat, until during a weak hand required string my knuckle bumped the safety up. Now I run ambi that is heavily modified on the right side to fit my hand during normal freestyle, but is still enough to ride my thumb on during weak hand only.
  5. I use Safariland MP5 pouches. I too used the safariland MP5 pouches, they work pretty good, but not perfect. I just got in 2 of the new Comptac pouches made specifically for Colt mags. http://www.comp-tac.com/pcc-plm-magazine-pouch-10693 These are superior to the safariland The ghost 360 fits well, but the plastic around the screw hole broke with the weight of 40 rounds of 9mm. The Guga Ribas pouch is another option, great adjustability, I use one for mandatory reload at 1 o'clock position on my belt.
  6. Here is my blaster featuring Arredondo comp and hard chrome, built by a local smith
  7. 38SC. 8.0 N350 under PD 124 JHP at 1.24" runs nice at 172pf in my full size open gun with just comp, no holes in the barrel.
  8. Titegroup and WST are popular in 40 major
  9. I am familiar with the LDA. But not exactly what I had in mind. I'm thinking the DA/SA you get in a Shadow or Stock 2, 5-6 lb first followed by short travel and short reset 2 lb
  10. I load 500, it takes about an hour give or take. Then I take a break away from the press for a while, do something else around the house before I go back and load another 500.
  11. and its $908 on Amazon.... something smells fishy. I am so tempted to buy one though. Just need some convincing
  12. It's all over the Facebook: code Rudyc3 will get this scope direct from CMore for $800 plus shipping. Maybe it wasn't worth it at $1400 when the vortex could be had at that price (or less). Is it now a no brainier at $800? Is it the best available at that price range? Will vortex and CMore be releasing a 1-8 soon?
  13. If it helps: A 180g coated bullet over 3.6g Titegroup is 130 PF in my 5" 2011. The col for that is 1.19, you will probably have to load shorter for your pistol, and I'm sure your ported barrel will be a factor.
  14. The bright red gear looks a little odd on the leather belt. I like it
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