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  1. It would seem it all depends what is pulling the trigger. I mean pressing the trigger Sent from my SM-T377V using Tapatalk
  2. I have several friends I shoot with that have used his bullets from 9 up 45 and his 44 they all have been pleased and since he is local they just pick up at his house. He is s stay at home dad because his son is a spec needs kid and doing bullets out of his garage allows him time to be with his son. Everyone says he's a great guy and will talk you to death if you let him. I'd say buy with confidence.
  3. It's been awhile since this was started. I was wondering if you have improved stayed the same or regressed. I over extended my elbow 4 years ago and between message exercise and rest when you first feel the pain and the brace for tennis elbow all helped me improve. I also found it to be very easy to reinjure it. I found keeping my elbow warm was a big help either wearing a jacket a long sleeve shirt or under arm sleeve on one arm like you see the pro football players wear. I also have ms and out of desperation to help give my legs some strength I decided to try some Tommy copper products. Monte Williams who also has ms swears they helped him so I decided to try it first on my knees it was amazing how much they helped in fact I thought it was like the placebo affect. After wearing them for a month my elbow again started to hurt so I bought one for it and it has really helped. My thoughts are it is something I should use more as maintenance and preventative maintenance since like I said if I wan't careful i could re injure it very easily. Sorry for the long post
  4. Dump the moly and go to hi tel. Your powder and powder charge will not matter. Hi tel will give you the same results as jacketed and plated at much less expense
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