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  1. Same here I used to reload a lot of plated bullets until I found Bayou Bullets and I haven't looked back. There is no lead fouling and they are clean. Also a green bullet looks really cool.
  2. Here is one pic, I had a few more, but I'm having trouble finding them. I really like the gun, I recieved six mags with it and it kind of pisses me off that only about 2 mags out of the six drop free from the gun the other 4 stick pretty bad. I also found out I wont be able to use the bayou 180's, I have to load them down to 1.100 and im just barely off the lands at that distance, but I found out the berry's 180's I can load to 1.135-1.150 and still be a safe distance off the lands, also the bullet is about .030 shorter than the bayou's. So i'm much more comfortable with that. I was getting major velocity with 4.2 n320 with the bayou's
  3. well I just happened to call the cz custom shop yesterday and they were awesome to deal with. I paid them today for a cts and it's already in the hands of fed ex. I ended up getting 2 sizes of front sights, one thinner than whatever comes on it. I also got an additional three mags. I will post some pics when I get it, it will be at my dealer on thursday, but I probably won't have it in my hands till next week. I'm pretty frickin excited about it!
  4. Yeah I thought about picking up the 5.25 in .40 but I'm really wanting a little more weight in my hand. I have a buddy that picked one up when they first came out, and I would end up changing just about every piece of the gun out and I still don't think the trigger would be anywhere near as nice as a cz. Also I would have to cut up my blade tech holster to get the 5.25 to fit. I have all the powder river components in mine including their titanium components, and the trigger is very nice for a striker fired gun. It was no where near as nice as the shadow target I handled in the store the other day. So basically yes I am looking to try a different platform that is not polymer framed. I really do like the gun and shoot it well, but I don't want another one in .40
  5. I just wanted to add, I'm not necessarily on a gear hunt for the newest greatest thing out. I just want a .40 cal gun to shoot in limited class, for a long time, and obviously improve my game. I am currently shooting 9 minor. An XDM to be exact, and I don't plan to get rid of this gun. The only .40 cal gun I have is a springfield EMP, it has a 3" barrel and 8 round mags, so thats probably not a great option for limited. I also really like the 5.4" barrel on the cz.
  6. So I've been doing more research on the TS and the CTS and I think I'm going to pick up a CTS from the custom shop. In my research I read some comments that just didn't vibe well with me. I think I saw something along these lines said twice " If you are a C or D class shooter, get it it's a great gun" Which to me these people are saying yeah it's a great gun but you will never get M or GM class with one, which I kinda think is BS. Anyway I think I'm going to end up going with the CTS, I usually take the road less traveled I know this isn't the reloading forum but from what i've read in the past I know cz's are notorious for having a short leade. I will probably be running 180's in the gun and I've got some n320 sitting around I'll probably try out. Can you guys get something like this loaded out to 1.15 ish ?
  7. Thanks for the input, kinda what I figured, just thought I would ask. I'm not necessarily in a hurry to purchase. I have thought about a used STI but if I go that route I will just go with SVI. I was just trying to explore other alternative platforms. Will a CTS hold its own up against an STI style gun ? Also I really need to sell a few of my current guns before I purchase another.
  8. So I started shooting uspsa competitions october last year and I've been having a blast. I have been shooting limited class with an XDM and prefer to stay in Limited. I like my XDM, but I have the itch for a new limited gun, it is just the 4.5" model. I have been shooting and reloading for a long time, I'm just new to the runnin and gunnin. Obviously I would love to have an SVI but the wait and the price I think is just a little beyond me right now. I just started back to school for the first time in ten years. So price is somewhat of an issue here. I have not personally owned a cz but have shot plenty and I really enjoy their products. Is there a gun in the cz line you would recommend for a limited gun, maybe a TS ? Or a custom cz of some kind that isn't out of the world priced ? I'm just curious to hear input from the cz crowd. I would prefer a price under 2k, 1500 sounds more ideal. thanks
  9. Basically man just start off with some cardio 3 times a week and don't over do it, just get your heart rate up and sweat a good 30 mins and once you get more comfortable with it you can start increasing the intensity. I wouldn't even worry about weight lifting if your main goal is loosing weight. Like others have said diet is huge here, don't under eat. There is nothing wrong with indulging in something "unhealthy" occasionally. Just try to have nice well balanced meals and try to cut out all the unnecessary crap, like sodas etc.... You don't sound extremely overweight at all, but personally I love to eat, so sometimes I ask myself am I hungry or still hungry or am I just eating for the hell of it. Ultimately you would want to have 6 small meals a day but this is almost impossible for most people to stick to, so if you can just do a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner you will be set. Watch your portions as well.
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