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  1. Yeah we met quit a few of them. Met a couple more that were drunk as well as very cool people. Gf talks to 2 if them daily since our return. Will be going to visit them in Adalaide in the fall we hope.
  2. Thanks I figured it would be the best audience. More then money I want to make sure it goes to a good home if that makes sense.
  3. Nice Yeah this is a more then that as I've been told. Mostly curious if anyone has used one the big auction houses for rare or collectible firearms.
  4. Have a very old very rare Colt single Action Army. It has a rare grips, fully engraved and also a colt letter. Shipped in April of 1884. I am considering sending off to Rock island auctions. I have a general idea if value as several from the collection it came from have been sold over the years. Has anyone here sent items to them? Carry to share your experience?
  5. Haven't read all the replies.... I like it but prefer the first 2. Dont get me wrong but I felt like they were reaching a bit a few times to fill the story. Still worth watching for sure and as I'm sure mentioned lots of action and shits to the face. Lol
  6. I have to say it didn't live up to all the hype imho. Still very good.
  7. Joe Rogan Jordan Peterson Lex Fridman Jacko Sam Harris Etc...
  8. Indonesia. Bali is amazing and the islands surrounding it contain some very beautiful waters. The people are very friendly as its a mix of Hindus and Buddhists. They are kind and believe in karma in daily life. The food is amazing, and a few minutes out of any village are beautiful temples, waterfalls and beaches galore. Also some of the most popular surf spots on the planet.... Like Uluwatu. And everything is cheap. Was just there for 3 weeks in May. Will be going back for sure.
  9. Interesting. I would have stood fast in the defense of the tube guns. I have seen lots of siagas run but not in compitition. They all seemed to have some issues. So.. 2 shooters of equal skill 12 targets Siaga with 8 round mag Tube gun with 8 in tube Both will require only one reload to make 12. Buzzer sounds....no difference? Long game.. multi reloads...mag fed wins. OK Thanks again JAG
  10. I have been told that a Siaga 20 with mags will out shoot an 1100 with speedloaders in a 20-30 round course. I defend the 1100 whole heartedly, but thought I would ask the experts here. Well? Thanks JAG
  11. So, what about all of the gunsmiths out there that do use this? Three smiths replied to that thread but never explained the reasons only what "they thought". Nobody offered a reason "why" this is not a valid test. Jeff Quinn of gunblast is quoted several times as saying its one of his tests. I am sure there are many other references out there as well. Seems strange that ther are facts posted to back it up but none to disclaim it. Yet people still say it means nothing with only "just because" as a reason. Personally I dont really care, but now I am curious. Gone shooting, JAG
  12. You are correct, I was refering to cases sized but not loaded. No doubt you could tear up a ramp doing this. I wonder though if thats the only reason not to? Does that outweigh the reasons to? Maybe a bit of info from the post I was referring to.. These are the questions that were asked, but never answered. BE, you have any comments on this? JAG
  13. I was following a thread regarding this on another forum until its mods got frustrated an locked it. No solid answer was ever given as far as it being fiction and or useless. There was however a bit of info to say it was valid. Anyone have any info regarding the value of feeding empties? Or for that matter reasons why it it holds no value? Any smiths here care to comment? Thanks, JAG
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