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  1. In the very early days of Hearthco Moonclips, the most consistent brass to use was Remington. The concept of specific clip and brass combinations was not popular at that time as many competitors wanted the "one clip fits all" clip. Then a handful of Ca. shooters and my Very good friend, Vic Pickett, discovered that the edm clips were very consistent and matched up well with the Rem brass. Eventually, shooters chose .Star-line as it was also very consistent and readily available. The Star-line brass had a smaller groove diameter so it required its own clip geometry.
  2. I know the moderators shut this discussion down, but the most important factor to remember is that primers, not full seated, are the biggest drawback to revo trigger pulls below 5 lbs. No matter what kind of system or science you apply, the second you promise a trigger pull of XXwhatever, you will have complaints that "It just dont work in my gun!" Randy Lee has a gun that shoots at sub 4LB, and I can promise you that he is the most critical man on the planet in his reloading.
  3. I use Billy Bullets 170 grain RN with long colt case and bout 3 grains clays.
  4. Have you seen hillary in a pantsuit?
  5. He'll be ready for a paper route pretty soon. My clips aint cheap.
  6. Thanks for all of the kind words guys! Dave
  7. anyone have contact info for john rodriquez? thanks! Hearthco
  8. Dave, Dave, Dave...... :-) I already more than just about anybody! (At least a hundred.) Tom Frenkel has you all beat.
  9. Ive just designed a "Rem Cut" for 929 clips.
  10. Common Mike! Buy some new clips!!
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