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  1. I have been around a while and seen a lot, but don't recall EVER seeing a USPSA instruction to "go prone (or supine)". In freestyle stages there are always options, that is what the game is about. At 72 I can still do a rollover prone fairly quickly, the undo is a dog of a different gender. David C FY5333
  2. Jordon, Thanks for making the squad list work at each stage! SALUTE! Squad 21 was definitely into "competitive taping", thanks guys! I hope our new found friends from Washington state will come back next year to dry out. Enjoyed talking with you guys. G-lock (David Cross)
  3. Trawler cap, sword bill cap, sailor's cap, etc. http://quakermarine.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=65 David C I bought mine in Las Vegas at the Hat Company in the discount mall: http://www.thehatco.com/Long_Bill_Fisherman_Cap.html?__utma=1.765835790.1277744701.1277744701.1277744701.1&__utmb=1&__utmc=1&__utmx=-&__utmz=1.1277744701.1.1.utmccn%3D(organic)%7Cutmcsr%3Dgoogle%7Cutmctr%3Ddiscount%2Bhats%2Blas%2Bvegas%7Cutmcmd%3Dorganic&__utmv=-&__utmk=40701987
  4. Thanks for to all for the extraordinarily hard work putting together another outstanding HDC. Lots of technical challenges and plenty of ways to shoot the stages. The only issue I had was an acute inability to remember to shoot at the targets as they appeared (and LOTS of them appeared). In case you missed it Squad 1 rocked! Let's do it again next year. David C
  5. Looking forward to it again. This year I have my version of the RGPSC receiver hitch umbrella mod! Also have a version for the gun wagon, just hope those high desert winds don't take the shade to Santa Fe! David C
  6. Overall pretty good advice. On the paleo diet (specifically with lots of meat) there tends to often be elevated LDL particles which most people are concerned with. If this is you, make sure you have the doctor run a particle density test. the small compact LDL particles can be dangerous whereas an elevated LDL count of big fluffy particles is nothing to worry about. The NYT article is now eight years old, Atkins is dead of a heart attack. Aside from Pollan (I have his books)is there any additional evidence that low fat/high carb is the problem rather than the solution? I find myself doing better weight wise now that I have gone over to buffalo (bison)for most of the red meat I eat. I just recently began the chore of taking on carbs in a meaningful way and knocking off the salt in a big way. My BP is down, I am near my goal of 199 pounds (201). I'm 65, 6'4" and would like to keep run-n-gun-n for as long as possible. David C
  7. Thanks fellows! Jim: We keep thinking the same thing about Double Tap! David C
  8. A bunch of cowboys were discussing this match, in particular "the cave". Questions: That was a real hole in the mountain, right? Did you use your personal guns, ammo, flashlights or was some/all of it provided? What was the backstop? Rock?, dirt, man made materials? I thought Roberts "cave" at DoubleTap was dark, but the BRM3G cave was sure 'nuf dark. Thanks, David C
  9. The cable option would work IF there were portable printers readily available and IF it wasn't necessary to have external battery packs attached for all day use. A bluetooth solution seems to be most probably to speed printing. I am actually working that aspect right now. The issue still is the availability of affordable Bluetooth capacle printers and Palm's with Bluetooth. Most of mine are Tungsten T2's and do have it but several I own do not. I think I heard Robert say that there will be electric in all the bays next year. That would make a dock/cable solution easier, at least at DTR, and also would make "two Palms in every bay" a cost effective answer. My money is on Bluetooth for most applications anywhere you have to run battery. David C
  10. Lee, Is it possible to use a universal port/printer cable on some models of Palm? Seems to me like Glock used this method for a few years where the operator carried the printer on the belt, connected to the PDA. Other versions of the Palm OS have support for Bluetooth, does this application run on those? I downloaded the demo and worked with that for a while today and it seems fairly intuitive. Being a tech guy, I didn't look at the instructions but I figured out how to correct a mis-applied target count and such. I am going to download the trial application this evening at home and see what works on the wife's Palm. I like a good technical solution(I carry a Dell Axim with all the rule books loaded in it)and I think that the StageScore app is good for USPSA. I have attended four matches where it was used to good effect but the print out(or some type of paper copy) has to happen for folks to feel confident. Bullet proofing the save, store and print functions would be time well spent. David C
  11. Squad 18 "rocked". Picture here: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/TI178H6LOt9fhESCSrrd-w?feat=directlink David C
  12. Most of the "Top Ten Web Hosts" kinds of lists are hosting services touting one another's hosting services through pass through agreements. Often a host will have a half dozen or more names all owned and operated by the same person. They do the same thing to create "reviews" that are grossly inflated. I have been using www.webmasters.com for several years and find them to be very competent, inexpensive and robust (minuscule down time). They do hosting, provide several levels of free design and management tools and offer tons of free stuff that makes your life easy (forms,email, etc). They can help with moving your domain registration and your present site. Give them a look before you jump. David C
  13. Just a few points I would like to make: 1. The weather is the weather , nothing we or the MD can do about it. Shut-up, shoot or stay home. 2. No scoring system I am aware of, manual or electronic, would have performed flawlessly in those conditions. Shut-up, shoot or stay home. 3. Staff and ROs have my complete admiration for a job well done under extraordinary conditions. 4. The DTC will be back next year because it is the most interesting match in the USPSA line up thanks to Robert and a host of others. 5. For the record, I stayed home Saturday but shot on Sunday. 6. See you next year. David C
  14. I decided early this morning that I didn't have any desire to spend the day in the field in this. Here in the city of Wichita Falls it is currently (3:40 CDST) 30 degrees with blowing snow and windchill of 11. Visibility is about 1/2 mile. The range is about 12 miles from here where the weather is probably a little heavier, as all of this is coming from the west. There was enough moisture this morning so that the footing is likely less than optimal. I am sure that those in attendance today will have some interesting stories to tell in a couple of hours. I doubt that there is a "good" date in April where the weather won't be a factor. Remember Space City last year? You pays yer money and ya takes yer chances. David C
  15. Did you get all the mud out of your gun belt, mag carriers, shirt, hat cam, etc.,etc? Just askin' from personal experience here. David C
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