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  1. The P-07 "Classic" pouches from Blade Tech will work with the P-09 mags.They seat a P-09 mag about halfway, as opposed to about two-thirds on a P-07 mag. http://shop.blade-tech.com/single-pouch-c-38_54_56.html#.Uyo9t_muTg0 (SKU# AMMX002513334222)
  2. cardboardkiller


    I'm in the same boat. I just picked up a barely used B model P-07 today for $390 and I'm thinking of sending it to CGW once my P-09 gets back from them. This thing still had packing grease/oil in the slide serrations. Dude had heart surgery a month or so ago and has to pay his $8000+ Obamacare deductible, so he's selling some stuff.
  3. cardboardkiller


    Yep. They use their own mags. I have a P-09 at Cajun Gun Works right now getting trigger work and sights done. Hopefully, it will be back sometime soon.
  4. Done. Thanks for the idea.
  5. It has a complete 40 headstamp. I'm not worried about it, just thought it was odd/cool. I've used no telling how many rounds of Starline brass (and others) and never came across an XL version of anything.
  6. A normal 40 case and a 40 "Super Duper Magnum" as a friend called it. I was tweaking my new 650 when I ran out of cases and found the case on the right stuck in the feed tube. Both cases are brand new Starline. The SDM case is about .4" longer than the left one. I thought it was a 41 mag when I first saw it. The case is headstamped as a 40. I measured it again and it comes out to 1.284". Starline says their 10mm Mag is between 1.242" - 1.248". Their 40 is 0.842" - 0.847". Their 10mm runs 0.984" - 0.991".
  7. These will save you a good bit of space. I got mine on gunbroker for about $25 a couple of years ago.
  8. Anyone who really wants to know is free to pm Larry, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Hell, pm me and I'll tell you who it is. Larry and I have talked about this situation since the very beginning.
  9. You'll have to excuse the paper sticking out of the hammer on the 686, I'm sending some guns off to Apex next week and needed a way to mark them.
  10. That's where the misunderstanding is, I get it. I never fired this gun before the conversion, I bought it solely for this project. I have 8 other revolvers (K, L and N frame in 38/357, 41 Mag, 44 Special, 44 Mag and 45 ACP) that I regularly carry and are similar in various aspects (grip, weight, size, etc.) and I will be using one of the two holsters that I use for all my other carry revolvers. Both holsters are from the same maker, the same style and made at the same time, the only difference in the size frame they are for. I learned a long time ago to keep my carry gear as similar as I can, it's cheaper and there's very little learning curve. Here's a pic of my other carry revolvers.
  11. I'm competely comfortable with carrying a revolver that has an action job. If it makes me a better shot and I am able to more efficiently and safely defend myself should the need arise without compromising the reliability of the firearm, why not? I won't carry a gun I cannot shoot well and 99.9% of the time a factory action won't let me shoot to the best of my ability. I don't get the reasoning behind your question. I'm going to fire 4 or 5 hundred rounds through it before I carry it. Shoot, reload, shoot. Again I don't understand where you are coming from with "proving process." I got my first CHL 10 years ago next month, I was one of the first 600 CHL holders in Arkansas. I've been through all the in's and out's of carry and I know what I like (this month anyway). I studied on having this gun built for quite a while, finding a base gun, deciding what I wanted done and looking at gunsmiths took me more than a year, then I sent the gun off. Don't take my post the wrong way, I don't understand where you are coming from with your questions.
  12. Many years ago Budweiser signed a contract with S&W in order to gain a foothold in the outdoor market. Thus the first firearm with a built in beer bottle opener was born. Later the bottle opener was found to aid in the cocking of a revolver and was dubbed a "hammer spur." Those of us in the know still keep with the original intent of the design.
  13. I sent Gemini Customs this: And got back this: Specs: Roundbutted Moonclipped Barrel shortened to 3", crowned and reprofiled Ball detent lock up New customized SDM front sight setup SDM thumblatch Action Job Narrowed and rounded trigger Polished screws Hard chromed Grips fitted Links to two pics off of Gemini Customs website (gun of the month): www.geminicustoms.com/DSC02460.JPG www.geminicustoms.com/DSC02458.JPG
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