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  1. i ended up going for an 18". the fluted melonite stretch does seem very nice and fast, but is unavail.
  2. What's so special about the nordic 18 compared to other 18" rifle barrels of similar contour?
  3. I won't be shooting past 200 often. I'm leaning towards a 16" barrel. do both the odin and stretch barrels still shoot sub moa?
  4. I'm not sure how effective losing 3 to 4 ounces off the muzzle as well as moving the gas block 1.5 inches closer will be for transitions. Is it noticeable?
  5. I cannot come to a decision on what to replace my worn dissipator barrel with. The current barrel does not have enough dwell time for my liking. I am currently reloading my own and am using an adjustable gas block. Also I am using a 1-6x optic, no irons. Does anyone have any feedback on the two? Thank you.
  6. i had major FTE issues with steel casing. I shouldnt have been putting that box through the gun anyways, but now i know.
  7. i got the parts in on thursday. the problem was the mag catch. the magazines were both fine.
  8. i am patient. im used to things coming from west to east coast in 3-5 days and things from the same state being almost next day.
  9. i can now! i have yet to receive the remedy parts. it cant take long to ship from georgetown to houston.
  10. i called sti for a solution. they're sending me another stock mag and mag release. hopefully this solves the problem.
  11. Is anyone having issues with the magazine dropping out of the gun on the last shot? I'm shooting 9mm reloads that my brother is packing. I cannot remember what they are, but with some the gun locks back fine after the last shot and holds the mag as it is supposed to, but one of the loads today more often than not, on the last shot the mag drops out and of course the slide does not lock back. I am very sure i am not touching the mag release. Currently i am writing it off as the stock mags being crud, but I would appreciate it if someone can chime in and offer enlightenment. I do have Tripp magazines on order, but due to the recent Texas wildfire in the Bastrop area, it is delayed.
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