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  1. Thanks for all the replies !!! Keep them coming.
  2. I’m looking at a Ruger 10/22 Target Lite.
  3. Hi all....Recently shot my first SC .22 match and I’m in the process of building a new rifle. I know c-mores are popular choices for red dots, but I was wondering if anyone uses an Eotech. I was thinking the circle-dot reticle could be fast for steel.
  4. I'm late to this thread, but just came across it. I bought and carried an STI Tactical 5.0 in .45 for patrol use. Great pistol, no malfunctions with HST's, and the familiarity to the Edge I shoot for competition made for an easy transition. My only complaints were: Weight. Besides the heft of the pistol there was the additional weight of the 15 rounds of 230 gr HSTs in the pistol and 30 extra rounds in the mag pouch. I know it's simple math, but 230 gr .45s are twice as heavy as 115 gr 9mm's. Length: The 5" Tactical in a Safariland duty holster rides lower than say a Glock 17 or 22. I found myself banging it on the seatbelt buckle and console getting in the car. Wound up selling the Tactical and now carry a Sig Legion SAO. If I had it to do over with the STI, I would love to try a 4" Tactical in 9mm. Less weight with the lighter rounds....and the shorter length. Anyone use a 4" 2011 9mm for duty ? Are there any additional concerns with the 4" over the 5" ?
  5. Hey folks.....I've got an STI Tactical in .45 and I'm curious if it would be possible to convert it to 9mm ? Is it as easy as swapping barrels and mags.....or I'm guessing probably extractor too. What else am I missing ? Excuse my ignorance.....I just shoot them, never been one to work on them.
  6. Yep, 16+ years in patrol gear. Several ounces or even two pounds is not gonna make a huge difference with the Sam Brown rig.
  7. I think I may have a compromise......I'm looking at the Sig X5 series. You get the dependability of Sig, still able to chose single action only models, and mags are more readily available. Sig X5 Entry in 9mm is looking pretty promising.
  8. The weight is not a great concern. Before the Glock policy was implemented I carried a Para LDA in .40.
  9. My department is relaxing the requirement for us to carry Glock 22's, and I'm looking for input from anyone that might carry a 2011 for a duty gun. I shoot an STI limited gun so I know the system, just looking for someone with real world experience before I drop $2k on a Tactical model with a light rail.
  10. Bone stock Beretta 92 FS with Ernie Hill leather.....circa 1994.
  11. I've been out if the loop on the "latest and greatest" gear in the competition world for a while. When I last changed springs and followers in my limited gun, Grams was the go-to gear. What's everyone using these days ???
  12. OK....Thanks for the info !!!
  13. Ok folks....let me run this past you. I just bought a s&w vtac ar15 that comes with the jp trigger and handguard. When I mounted my flip-up sights and went to zero them, I had to move the rear sight all the way to the left and still needed a click or two to get where I needed to be. My question is....is it possible for the JP handguard to be ever so slightly twisted to the left that would cause my sights to be out of alignment ??? A co-worker looked at the rifle and he believes this is my problem. I'm not exactly sure how these handguards mount, but don't that inside collar line up with the gas tube ??? What's my fix here ??? (Sights are brand new flip-ups from M.I. They appear to be fine upon inspection.)
  14. Hey folks...does anyone know where I could find the best price on a 16" 300 brl ??? I have a friend at work that wants one, nothing fancy...just cheap. He just wants to experiment. Thanks
  15. It's well worth the wait though. I carry one with me to work every day.
  16. Oh how I miss that rifle !!!! Check with ratworx like chuck said.
  17. Larue is building some great rifles. My department has even testing two OBRs as sniper rifles, and just ordered 5 more. Mine should be here in about two weeks !!!
  18. Anyone tried this on a Leupold MR/T M2 ??? I've looked on the Leupy web site, but can't find the voltage range for the scope.
  19. I had an STG556 when they first came out. I got to be good buddys with the folks at MSAR, especially the guy over returns and repairs. I explained to him that I was considering trying to use this rifle for 3-gun matches and he sent me a "modified" trigger pack for it. It was really smooth and a lot shorter than a standard trigger...maybe 4 or 5 pounds at the most. I ran it in a couple local matches, and had great success with it...also running an Aimpoint. I even got a free upgrade to a E4 (that accepts AR mags) stock when they became available !!! As a matter of fact, I traded it to another member here.....which I still regret to this day !!!!! I had hoped to carry it on-duty, but I never felt 100% confident with it. I never had any real trouble out of it, but it just wasn't as comforting as an AR.
  20. Actually, they don't have great descriptions. You have to hunt and do math to figure out the weight. The JP LMOS is still lighter. I was being sarcastic......
  21. Their website has great detailed descriptions !!!!
  22. I agree 100% !!! I don't know why, but that gets on my nerves....really bad.
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