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  1. Likewise I had trouble donating (did't read prior). I used dollar sign. WELL WORTH $100 for the years I have sponged off of this site. Great help. Vast knowledge. Crazy guys.
  2. Oooo. Oooo. Great tip! I never thought about that! I can bypass the slugs at Aimpoint USA and try to contact Sweden! Muchas gracias! I really do like using them more than my C-more, but would never - ever - give them another 'purchase' penny. Does the rest of the shooting world know this and I am just late to the dance? ... and here I was, selling Aimpoints at the Shot Show. How embarrassing. (I still find this hard to believe. Aimpoint USA seriously replies that my near pristine Aimpoint is irrepariable when the only visible flaw is a floppy control knob. I have long held the opinion many businesses thrive only because they have been awarded gov't contracts. Do this fit the Aimpoint profile? Who did they **** to get that contract?)
  3. Somewhere along the line, I was of the impression Aimpoint Comp and Comp XD sights were REALLY tough, REALLY reliable, and guarenteed. And if they ever did become disabled they could most likely be serviced, within reason. Such is not necessarily the case and i now have two very nice Aimpoints Comps that are $400+ pieces of worthless scrap. (However, they do seem to work as a very clear 1X monocular!) The one Aimpoint Comp XD has been mine since Day 1. NEVER abused. Looks NIB. Near perfect glass/coating. Was mounted on a comped 9mm Springfield and used for Steel Challenge-type plinking (i.e. light loads only). The rheostat switch increasingly developed slop (no, it is not the two knob set screws) and it finally ceased to function. The second Aimpoint Comp had seen moderately more use but appeared fine. Very clean exterior. Near perfect glass. I was working the Shot Show at the time a friend showed up with it and complained of windage/elevation function problems. Thinking all Aimpoints were guarenteed (WRONG), repairable (WRONG), and mistakenly believing they would service their product for a nominal fee, I traded him straight across for one of my new Comp XD's. So ... I have sent 3 emails to Aimpoint inquiring about how to proceed. No reply (to any of them). Next I send them both to Aimpoint for est. repair cost - and I get back a VERY brief note 'they are beyond repair'. Interesting. They build them but they cannot replace a simple switch. They build them but they cannot re-establish windage/elevation function. Does anyone out there know of an independent Aimpoint repair station? ... like the fellas that used to redo/beef-up the old PDP3 sights? ~ one disheartened former Aimpoint supporter
  4. .22 LR M&P??? I love it! Highly recommend it to any centerfire M&P owner! Main drive? Ammo cost and limited reloading time. But this pistol is far more than I expected. Lightening the trigger is the easiest job of any of the pistols and revolvers I have worked on. I shoot a Pro so 'if' there is an advantage to shooting a .22 twin, this one has a slightly shorter sight radius and will require more concentration. (not bad for me). But the overall feel ... the perfect fit in the Blackhawk holster ... total reliability thus far ... surprisingly good trigger ... good sights that I hope to switch to FO like the Pro ... make it amazing. Just amazing. I do plan to get rid of the manual safety and the mag disconnect to better mimic the Pro ... and I will be able to tell more after 4-5000 rounds and some test targets @ 25 yards. I will put it up against some Buckmarks, a Chiappa, S&W, and Ruger pistols to see how it can do. Now my next .22 Twin looks to be a GSG 1911.
  5. yup, still is, if you really want it, Paypal to acmeproductions@pacbell.net or if you want to send check/cash/money order it goes to Mike Sousa P.O. Box 299, Cotati, California 94931 or give me a call at 707.573.3021 for more info on it.

  6. Is your Safariland 008 still available? Me want! E Mont

  7. Since reading about it in "Front Sight", I have been waiting for the rimfire equivalent of my 9 Pro. The M&P Pro 9 could not impress me more, so naturally I want the "cheaper to shoot" version. It is now July and I keep hearing only bad things. What is the latest? Shirley S&W will not drop the ball on this one! ~ E Mont
  8. That'd be very interesting Doug! Thanks! It is always much easier to have the voice of experience show up. And I haven't been in touch to find out if there has been any change, but there will be more time at this match to diagnose. And thanks to everyone for the advice on the cause(s). It is plain to see it really can be caused by a variety of things. BTW - my calendar is always showing 3rd Sat. for match day (with Dec. being the exception because of Christmas). I need to check that further. (and sorry for the delay - me thinks me should switch to an Apple) ~ john
  9. Well ... right now all I can say is 'I think it was DP-tuned gun', but I won't commit to that until I ask. I am quite sure they said DP was somewhat behind schedule on delivering her gun ... but it is possible she just acquired a SM through DP. And I would not describe her gun as 'tight' in the sense that Springfield made their 'FBI' 1911. I was helping do some dealer shows when that model first appeared and it was so tight no one jacked the slide open on their first or even second try. It was locked-up like a bank vault. But that is not to suggest this SM is 'loose' by any means. To me that seems to be one of the finest, most difficult parts of pistolsmithing - to build a 1911 so the slide opens and closes w/o any hitches or lurches but yet locks up even and rock solid. This SM slide glides almost as if it was a straight blow-back design, i.e. as easily as my just-acquired TruBor that has +/- 10,000 rds. thru it. (And I have fiddled my way thru polishing and beveling and running springs so light they just can't always strip a round from the mag.) Understanding I am a rank amateur - my first comment when I briefly got to handle the piece was 'did someone already cut the recoil spring?' So - to clean/oil, get tape on the scope mount (great tip BTW), assemble some mouse-fart loads, and grabbing an assortment of recoil springs seems to be in order. My guess? - a heavier spring for WWB ammo, or lower pf reloads ... but i dunno. We will report back when we hear from DP and get some test rounds thru it, k? And again I thank you all for your advice and experience. So many things you may take for granted are entirely new to some of us. And all of this reminds me - I still need to get over to the smithing section of this forum some night for some help finishing a Kart install to a 6" Fusion. I don't hear too much about them (Fusion) but their fit and finish ranks them far ahead of my first, worst experience of putting a STI slide/frame together. But 'tis 3 AM now and all I can say is ... Buy buy.
  10. Tanks guys! I like the way this is going. If I could ask for one thing for her it would be min. recoil, so the lighter bullets would be great, I thimk. I don't know of a source offhand for same, but I am sure we can find ... maybe in frangible if they don't cost an arm-and-a-leg. BE's light Slide Glide I have. And I have some 90 g. Royal Arms (English) ammo that is (no poo poo) just as clean after it is fired as before it was loaded! How is that possible? I think my primer-fired rubber bullet practice rounds left at least some soot inside the case. But these brass come out of the gun shiny inside and out. Does anyone use an available powder that would do the same? Ooops. changed topics. my bad. sorry. i quit. ~ john
  11. Y-o-u g-u-y-s a-r-e g-o-o-o-d!!! Thanks for all the tips - all sound well worth employing. I will check on the clean & oil tip. I do have some light ISMI springs for her as well as an order going to Brownells soon. As for the tightness, I was very surprised at the ease of slide operation. This felt like a pistol that had already been broken in. Not sloppy in any way, but smooth. All is worth doing, if it hasn't been done already. And I have wondered about the grip thing also. She has admittedly been having chronic malfunctioning with a variety of guns. We will try another shooter and see if they have similar results. I attempted that the other night but the w/annual meeting & feed, there was no convenient time. I think this avenue has 'serious potential'. I will work with her a bit on a power grip. Again ... thanks for you time, consideration, and experience. I hope we can get to the bottom of this soon. She is a real trooper and that light, soft-shooting gun would/could really fit her well. ~ john ... and if it is limp wristing or a weak grip, what direction would you expect the gun tuning to go?
  12. Interesting G-ManBart. I have run quite a few different # springs in stock and open guns and I would guess this spring is only 7-8#, but I may be way off. I am interested in DP's std. for the SM. (and BTW - she did buy DP-tuned mags) And I did wonder if the scope mnt. did show any sign of brass beating. I will ask. And the 90 degree mount would be interesting to see. Thanx.
  13. I would never have expected trouble (... and we will query DP tomorrow about options/solutions), and I would have guessed an unmodified, out-of-the-box SteelMaster to run if fed factory ammo. But two kinds of ammo were used (Winchester 124 g. WB and 124 g. UltraMax) with the same result - repeated stovepipes (2 or 3 per magazine). At our Dec. match, a proud shooter showed-up with her new 9mm DP SM and was hoping to have moved away from the functioning problems she had experienced with previous, major caliber handguns, but it was not to be. Veteran shooters are considering it may be sprung so lightly it needs a diet of only the lightest pf ammo, but I would not expect that to be the case. If anyone has experience with this model or suggestions, we would appreciate your input. Muchas gracias ~ John
  14. Is this possible? I have had a Para 9x23 race gun with mags. I just picked-up a 38 Super TruBor w/o mags. The Para mags seem to lock in as though they were made for the STI. No shots fired yet, but wondering if this is commonly known and I have just missed it ... or if this is 'too good to be true'. This is my first night with the two together so my only physical test is - 1) slam the mags home ... and they locked in place (in the TB) 2) load some ammo in the Para mags, lock them into the TB, and cycle the slide as fast as I can. ... 100% cycle. The STI passed both tests with flying colors. The magazine catch cut-out does appear larger on the STI than the Para mags so maybe they should be given a bit more height, but I know it is safer to ask first. And I think the Para mags were made by STI or SV originally. So what is the verdict? (And before I forget - "Thanks!" to all for the many hours of informative, enjoyable reading over the years. This is one GREAT site 'BE' has sponsored!) ~ E Mont
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