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  1. 3.0gr with BBI 125 gets 920fps out of my G17 with stock barrel
  2. 3.0gr @1.135 with a BBI 125 gets me 920fps with a SD OF 5 out of a G17 with stock barrel. Super soft load and cycles great with a 13 lb spring. 2.8gr with a 147 extreme is equally soft. Great for 3gun, takes down steel easily
  3. Making the switch from a 14.5in med contour barrel to a 18in SPR with a 13in Troy VTAC. We'll see how the extra length works out on long range targets
  4. $600/6000 is the going price for Hornady 55g FMJ. Heck even the local has 6k/613.00 before tax
  5. Better than their seqoia series, but it will still leave you wanting. The Vortex spotting scopes are a great deal, but again you get what you pay for - better optics are going to be more expensive.
  6. I've had this happen when loading 9mm on a single stage w/ lee dies. The ring gets shaved off when seating the bullets if the case has been belled too much. I used to have a small collection on the press of the little rings and partial rings after a batch of 2-300 rounds.
  7. I haven't chronoed it yet, but it should be pretty slow. I'm loading it for short range practice rounds, but found out how well it grouped when zeroing my rifle and shot a few groups to confirm. Shoots better than other rounds I have tried in this rifle: 69, 77gr SMK and 75gr Hornady.
  8. 24.2 gr of CFE223 at 2.23OAL with hornady 55gr SP is amazingly accurate out of my 1/7 barrel
  9. WST has worked well for me in 9mm, burns clean, soft recoil. I use 4.1grs with MG 124 gr HP at 1.125
  10. I shoot plenty of lead through a factory G17 barrel, but my OCD forces me to clean the barrel after each range trip (250-300 rounds). I could probly go quite a bit more - there isn't much leading except just ahead of the throat. A 15-20 strokes with a brass brush and 2/3 pulls of a boresnake and its good as new.
  11. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=168681&hl=+wst#entry1872034
  12. Thanks, I'll start at 4.0gr and work my way up. I'm not looking to meet PF, so I'll look at accuracy and recoil.
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