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  1. So shooting a small 3-gun match today during the first stage I watched a shooter's speed belt fall off resulting in his DQ, and remember thinking "at least it was an equipment failure not gun handling." If only I were so lucky. The match continued, and I had been shooting relatively well. The last stage for my squad revolved around a van...prior to the match it was made blatantly clear that if you shoot the van your day is over. So of course, when shooting over the hood I didn't remember to keep enough offset and put a round into it. The glass was mostly already broken out and I really wanted to believe it was my muzzle blast knocking out some more, but someone showed me the windshield wiper that had absorbed the impact. I made it clear to the SO that I wasn't protesting his call when I asked. I like to think I took it like a man, but man I sure did want to have an allergy attack. We were wrapping up at that point so I stayed around to tape. A lesson learned the hard way. On the drive home I spent a lot of time thinking about it and realized it was one of those things that I knew happened to everyone, novices and advanced shooters alike, but I never thought would happen to me.
  2. The quote from the shooter makes it SO much better. "So I was introduced to the MGM Propeller Plate Rack by my Dad and so I decided to give it a try with my barebones stock Glock 19 from about 20 yards away." I rolled up in my extensive shooting apparel including five fingers and some gym shorts cause the nuts have to move freely to get a better sight picture."
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