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  1. Aren't your UP and Down positions switched. This hold over would have you shoooting off target.
  2. Has anyone compared the Blitzkrieg hydro buffer and the JP SCS? I would like to know which has a quicker recovery
  3. You could try an abrasive buffing compound to remove the scratches instead of sandpaper.
  4. Atlas gun works has a good video on tuning sti and mbx mags. Changing to a good follower will help a lot. Dawson, Grams, MBX, SVI, or TTI all are good. Feedlips and followers are the place to start and break the mags in
  5. I'm feeling lucky at #11, they were able to get a lot of people front he wait list in last year. Good luck everybody
  6. No squadding info and we are two weeks away. I have heard that the match is choosing squads by division, is this true? So somebody in Tac-ops can't squad with somebody in open even if they are riding together?
  7. It will depend on your barrel. You can chamber check instead of case gauge. The profile of a coated lead bullet, plated bullet, and jacketed bullet will vary, so the COAL will need to be different. I would go down to 1.150" COAL and chamber check the round.
  8. You should think about buying one and testing it with your pistol before buying 10. I have owned CMC, Wilson, and Tripp cobras. All are great mags, but the CMC run a little rough with some guns and ammo combo. The wilson's are good but I found that you need to break some of them in before they will hold capacity 100% of the time. The Tripp Cobra Mags are the best I have run, they are so good that wilson decided to knock them off. If you have friends with different brands of mags then you should try them out before you buy. Good luck
  9. How many rounds have you loaded on your press since you have replaced the springs on the press? I was having trouble with Tula LPP but it ended up being the press was a little out of alignment because some of the springs were wearing out. The 650 would work fine with any SPP including Tula, but the problems would show up with LPP. Tula primers are a hair larger in SPP, LPP, and SRP and fit very snug when seating as far as my experience goes. You may want to replace the springs on the primer assembly, and the return spring under the shell plate, (the long spring running around the ram under the shell plate) Good luck
  10. Ear plugs and muffs too helps everything quiet down so you can pay attention to the sights. Also if you have access to a 22 pistol with a red dot you can switch over to it after shooting your regular pistol during live fire practice and it will show him what he is doing to his sight picture when pulling the trigger.
  11. On my 650 I use Dillon, lee, lyman, redding dies. You don't need the redding micrometer die unless you are seating the same round at different COAL, I use one for 223 and 40. I like the Lyman carbide sizing die for 40 since I can get it a little lower on the shell plate and eliminate the bulge without using the huge buster, also no lube needed. The Udie from Lee or EGW are good options as well.
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