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  1. I love that paint job, it reminds me of a 90's paintball gun!
  2. The 510c is a great shotgun optic.
  3. I use 3.3 of VV N320 at 1.125 with the 147 blue bullets due to a short throat on my production gun. What a sweet loading, clean burning, smooth recoil, and they are quiet as as a mouse fart when I run them through a suppressor. But I was slightly disappointed with my last 2,000. It seemed like the coating wasn't adhered to the bullet as well. Hopefully it was just a bad batch and not a change in their production.
  4. I see almost half SBRs at local matches but those shooters dont attend many if any sectionals or larger matches. Probably a cool toy > pure competition thing which I understand.
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