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  1. Have you looked at www.thebluebullets.com? They can also size to .400 if requested? Both owners shoot 40 cal Trojans in single stack.
  2. Good point. I would rather have a better range of motion within the production and single stack rules. This would make and excellent holster for someone wanting to shoot limited or 3 gun with a kydex holster. I'm very happy with the quality of the holster except for the fit of the XDM. I think I'm going to be happy with it overall. If the kydex part fit my gun well I would be very happy. Im thinking about building a press and reshaping the kydex.
  3. I think you would be very limited in the adjustment where it would be legal. I have my holster at the top of the t bracket adjustment in the pictures. I could raise it another 1/2" by moving the spacers where it mounts to the belt. That adjustment plus adjusting the cant I think would get the front strap above the belt. I have the XDM 5.25 holster. The PDR pro for a 1911 might sit the gun higher.
  4. I moved the belt spacer so that both are below the belt. Then I moved the ball joint lower on the t bracket (this raises the holster). I was able to get it adjusted to a position that I like and maintain the distance to the belt. The holster feels really good now. It's just disappointing that it required that much work to get it to fit. Like Sperman I'm a fan of DAA. I have two DAA belts, STI Racemaster, Racemaster and Racer Magpouches, CED range bag, CED timer, and more. I would recommend all of those without any hesitation. I've been running BladeTech and Comptac kydex holsters. I decided to set up a production rig and I wanted to try a DAA kydex holster. I have mixed feelings about this holster now. I'm planning on keeping it, but I won't be replacing the Comptac belt holster I run in single stack anytime soon.
  5. Based on Appendix E2, the measurement is taken to the inside of the inner belt, so I would say you are out by just over 1/8". Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking it was to the outside of the inner belt
  6. . I put one spacer on top and one spacer below my belt. Then my holster is adjusted so it sits higher above the ball joint. Looking at your picture it looks like that might help.
  7. It looks like I'm ok the way I have it adjusted.
  8. My holster took a couple days longer than sperman's to show up. Below are my initial thoughts.
  9. Something is odd. You're the first person I've heard of that has seen any leading. I've been shooting them for about 6 months. We normally shoot a match every weekend. I have yet to run a brush down my barrel. I usually run a wet patch down the barrel every few months. The barrels on all my guns look clean. I normally use WSF with my 125 9's. WSF should be close to 231. My friend has been shooting some of the 125's in his 9 major open gun. He is loading them with autocomp. We haven't seen any signs of leading in his barrel. The coating shouldn't be a stripping off at 1000-1100 fps. I'm really curious why you are seeing lead. Have you pulled any bullets to see it there is any coating stripped off in the loading process. A normal crimp shouldn't be a problem. I crimp my loads .002 and haven't had any problems.
  10. I've been shooting the blue bullets for a while now. Mostly the 195 grn 40's with VV N320. They are performing exceptionally well. Very low smoke and I like the round nose profile. I shot bayou bullets for two years before switching to blue bullets. I have no complaints with bayou bullets. The blue bullets remind me more of the dark green bayous I was buying 2 years ago. The finish on the blue bullets looks more uniform than the new glossy bayous. I shot the blue bullets at the NC sectional match. At the chrono all of my rounds were within 10 fps of each other. That is the closest velocity I've had at a match chrono. I'm impressed with the blue bullet's coating and I will be shooting them from now on.
  11. CJcycles

    xs sight

    I bought a used glock with a set on it. They are the worst sights I've ever had on a pistol. They would hit about 5" high at 15yrds. I called XS to see if the gun I had a mismatched pair. The first thing they did was insult my shooting ability. I was told that there was no possible way they were off that much and I was jerking the trigger. Since I just lived a short distance from their office at the time I offered to bring the pistol by for them to look at. I was told they did not have a shooting range and they would not be able to test the sights. I wasn't happy to say the least. I went straight down to Dave Dawson's and picked up a set of his sights. The gun sighted in perfect with the same loads, same gun, same shooter. When I got to looking at the sights off the gun you can tell the rear sight is much taller than the front. It appears they did it to install the tritium at the bottom. When it says on the XS website the sights are designed for shooting at 3ft or less the're not kidding.
  12. You'll see a big difference with some 124's. I've got an eagle set up just like yours. I load 147's for my wife to shoot. She likes them better, but it always feels sluggish to me. My favorite load is MG 124hp's with 4.7 grns of WSF.
  13. Dawson Flgr Wolff 12lb. 180grn bayou 4.7grn VVN320. STI Executive
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