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  1. I was never too serious about keeping it IPSC legal. The spring would likely do it in, but polish is a relative term and could be argued. I wouldn't do so as I shoot 100% for fun and woudn't be regarded as a threat to anyone. Being 72 with wobbly legs might give away way :-) I probably shoot significantly more in the US and USPSA where the rules are quite as rigorous. That said, I will be buying a SIG Legion in the spring which I assume is on the list. I could keep that 100% IPSC legal or I may not. I would bet it will get some tuning and spring changes. I would not deliberately break the rules and will just move "up" a division or two if necessary.
  2. I've done quite a bit with the help of this thread. However. BOTH times I tried to install the Aluminum Xreme trigger I have had a heck of a time installing the spring and getting a Ghost pin in place but the real problem is while resetting the main roll pin. While you can be a little off with the steel triggers as the pin will "skid" a bit to align itself. not so with the aluminum trigger. The pin cuts in an bends one of the legs or ovalizes the holes in the trigger. Magic anyone??
  3. If I recall correctly the SAR is made in Turkey and is almost a total copy of Israeli Jericho 941's . I remember reading that the Turkish guns are very well made and highly regarded. I believe that they are the side arm of several militaries.
  4. I'm a rookie in most ways having started when many people give up and take up Bridge. After I bought my Limited Custom Xtreme, I fell in love with the Tanfo platform and with muchas gracias to this forum, began a series of adventures by buying a Limited Pro and upgrading it with Xtreme parts and a few from Henning. Happily, with some continued help from certain members, I learned that slow and steady wins the race and that sometimes two or three file strokes can scrap a part. So while fast and easier has some attraction, low and slow provides for much more in the way of learning experiences. Learning how these thing work and then improving performance is very gratifying. After gaining confidence with the Tanfo experiences, I returned to the 1911 and bought two project guns and the tools recommended for modest upgrades and a careful DIY trigger job on both 1911's while keeping my NightHawk as the model. Once again, low and slow delivered very good results and only one of two misfits that qualified as learning experiences. I can't exaggerate how much these forums have added to my shooting lifestyle. While we don't want to succumb to paralysis from analysis, in these games the tortoise usually wins the race.
  5. I can't say how competitive it would be as I don't have the experience to judge with. However, I think my Tanfoglio Limited Custom Xtreme 40 is the finest handgun I have competed with. Mine conforms to Canadian magazine restrictions an so it's rigged that way when I'm in Canada then I have another set of higher capacity tubes when I'm in Texas and shoot limited. In my hand, it fits better than the 2011 platform and I believe it shoots flatter. I'd like to see a good shooter, compare the Tanfo to a 2011 side by side. I don't know how the guns compare capacity wise buy in my hand, I prefer my gun over anything else I have tried.
  6. I'm upgrading my 16 inch Stag with a steel LW BCG and the Heavy version of the Silent Spring. These were the recommendations of the JP CS himself. I was open to all options including the more expensive aluminum BCG. The rep didn't hesitate to steer me away from the aluminum option and was equally emphatic on the "heavy" spring package which uses tungsten weights. The silent spring has been on B/O for some time. I have the JP adjustable gas block and the plan is to shut the gas to "off" and then loosen by one full turn until the gun cycles every time. Then I'll tighten down by a half turn until it fails and go back up by 1/4 turns until I get reliable cycling even when dirty. When fine tuning like this, I'm sure the degree of "dirtiness" will make a difference. Without getting too nerdy, I expect to get a very reliable and smooth gun.
  7. I found a simple, cheap and effective solution to several mag base challenges. I buy a sqaure (6x6 ?) or two of felt that is used to make skid pads for furniture. It has a pressure sensitive side with strong adhesive. I cut a strip slightly wider than the mag base and cut that into several appropriate lengths. You can find this material in most likely places including the "dollar" stores Glue one to the outside of the base with a bit of overhang all round. Drill a hole to allow entry of the tool to remove the base and then trim carefully with an exacto blade. These last a lot time and can be refreshed easily. I've double up a few times with Gorilla glue between layers. They are cheap enough to be called "free" and while not the prettiest, the take abuse from concrete range floors well..
  8. I hear you Mr. Nick. After a certain age, it occurs to you that it's not so much about the winning well but more about the living well. I compete with me, myself and I with the priorities being safety, fun and enjoying the company. Not to be trite but going home after a match with a new friend beats the crap out of leaving with a better score. :-)
  9. Nick, I'm 71 and shoot USPSA in the US and IPSC in Canada. I also shoot Steel Challenge, Carbine, Shotgun and 3Gun. I started shooting when I was 65 and don't I wish I had started earlier. Yer still a young pup! To me, 60% of the fun is in the fellowship and there's no time limit or division there.
  10. I'm with you Mr. Neal based on just one simple to observe fact and that's the ability of grease to stay where you put it. I think Slide Glide does a great job at doing exactly that. Because I'm one of those people who likes cleaning guns, I don't need long-term staying power so I use Frog Lube because it cleans up nicely and since I live in an RV, Froglube doesn't have any sort of smell that will irritate local management. I have some but not a lot of knowledge of lubrication technology, so to me because firearms are not terribly demanding lubrication wise, my choices boil down to relative cleanliness, the ability of the lube to stay on the job and not getting yelled at :-).
  11. This might be a ridiculous suggestion, but try taking the guts out of a mag that works and put them into a tube that doesn't. That will address the spring variable as well as the follower. Then I would compare the width of the lips on both tubes. If they are consistently wider on all the mags that don't work, you might have an answer.
  12. DQ's in Canadian IPSC matches are taken seriously on their own but multiple DQ's in the same year can be a real problem as they may require that one's Black Badge course and tests be retaken. I've only had the one and that was last year but I assure you that avoiding the second weighed heavily on me for quite some time. Mine was a dropped gun and partly a result of using a new holster for the first time. Prior to that I had used CR Speed holsters exclusively but bought an open front Blade-Tech for a new gun that I was intending to use in 3 Gun. After the show clear and hammer down, I reholstered and heard a familiar click and so let go. That was the last time I relied on my ears when reholstering. I added a new step to my reholstering routine that includes all my senses. If it had happened seconds later after I had stepped out of the course of fire boundary it would not have been a DQ which added to the frustration. However, the learning experience was pretty complete and will stick with me for the duration.
  13. WOW, very nice start. Buying two at a time makes for a longer fix before the addiction to new guns starts again.
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