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  1. six-gun shooter

    Stacked target hit on T2

    IIRC, this is what Kevin Imel taught in my RO class. It was a while back.
  2. six-gun shooter

    Stacked target hit on T2

    I once had a single shot score on three targets...on a Virginia Count stage. Two extra hit penalties, no extra shots.
  3. six-gun shooter


    I have owned 1911s from 6 makers. I much prefer my Springfield Armory and Dan Wessons to my Kimbers. Prices not too different.
  4. six-gun shooter

    40&9 top end

    This is my experience too. I much prefer spending the extra $$ and just get a whole second gun. Conversions are a pain.
  5. six-gun shooter

    9mm PCC under 5 lbs?

    I didn’t use anything titanium or expensively lightweight except the Taccom barrel and handguard.
  6. six-gun shooter

    9mm PCC under 5 lbs?

    Okay, I just weighed it. 5 lbs 2 ounces, no magazine, with Vortex Razor and a laser mounted.
  7. six-gun shooter

    9mm PCC under 5 lbs?

    Couldn’t really say. My heavier one is an SBR, not really comparable. I prefer the lighter one. I have not done extensive testing looking for lightest recoil, as I don’t take this division all that seriously. I went back to shooting higher PF production loads to simplify.
  8. six-gun shooter

    9mm PCC under 5 lbs?

    Mine’s 5 lbs even. Didn’t cost that much. QC10 blem lower, Taccom UL barrel and CF handguard, mission first stock. Wanted it light for kids to handle.
  9. I got started just this way. I ended up building a dedicated PCC because I got tired of always switching the buffer, mag block, and Law Tactical extension. I like to keep my SBR in its proper caliber when not actually using it in another. I have some Mean Arms Endomags on preorder, and may go back if I don’t have to deal with the mag block. Not all bolts will work with the LT extension. The hole in the back isn’t standardized. Spinta works, JP doesn’t. Can’t answer for others. I concur, both mags pictured appear to be modified UZI.
  10. six-gun shooter

    USPSA Classifier expire?

    Yes. They count all four at first, then as you get more they drop the worst ones. Best four of six, then best six of eight. After eight the older ones start going away.
  11. six-gun shooter

    USPSA Classifier expire?

    They don’t expire, and four is enough for an initial classification.
  12. six-gun shooter

    Throat dimensions on 625

    My JM had tight chambers. Worked okay, but new brass loaded/unloaded considerably easier than range brass. Never measured the throats. No accuracy issues. I mostly shot FMJs though. Probably not much help.
  13. six-gun shooter

    TCR 22 ?? Anyone running one at steel ?

    Haven’t shot one, just handled it at LGS. Really liked what I saw. Interested in range reports also.
  14. six-gun shooter

    When do you disengage thumb safety?

    About midway between the holster and weak hand. Feels natural, acquiring my grip that way. Also, any later would cost time on the rare weak-hand transfer. With a single-sided safety at least.
  15. six-gun shooter

    Rules Question

    No penalty. Another question with a setup like this: Say there is a hole or two in the swinging no-shoot and all the required holes in the shoot targets. You know the shooter only fired the required number of shots. How do you reliably tell which holes in the shoot targets score as mikes? As the no-shoot is impenetrable.