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  1. six-gun shooter

    Rules Question

    No penalty. Another question with a setup like this: Say there is a hole or two in the swinging no-shoot and all the required holes in the shoot targets. You know the shooter only fired the required number of shots. How do you reliably tell which holes in the shoot targets score as mikes? As the no-shoot is impenetrable.
  2. six-gun shooter

    Activator Question for stage builders

    We’ve used small c-clamps or a cheap vise grip pliers. Neither is ideal, need to constantly check that it stays tight. Maybe lock-tite the c-clamp?
  3. six-gun shooter

    How many stages is your local?

    Usually 4, sometimes 5. 2 on Tuesday nights. Only 2 clubs locally.
  4. six-gun shooter

    Case Separation

    I’ve only had one case separation. The next round would not chamber. My son tried several times, so the mouth of the piece was swaged inward enough to catch it with a cleaning rod. Came right out.
  5. Well, I think it’s good they did this. I wish it was retroactive. If my percentage drops a class, I don’t want to be competing in a higher class than where I really belong. That said, I had to go take a look at my classifiers. Most of mine are legacy, so the hit factors don’t show, so I only used the more recent ones that are used for classification. Of those 11, only 3 would go down with the new hhf. My recent PCC initial classification would go up 4.7% with the new numbers. I guess I’m not really concerned with this. I do wish it was retroactive though.
  6. six-gun shooter

    Hudson H9

    Well, I stopped by a LGS yesterday because I heard they had one. I’ve been looking for a Production division gun I actually like enough to buy and wanted to handle this one. I immediately liked the H9. Felt enough like my 1911s so little adjustment should be necessary. Trigger pull seemed acceptable. I did note there is less room on the frame for my left thumb, makes riding the slide more likely, but that’s minor. I read a bit about it overnight and went back and bought it today. Handling it at home, I noticed that the beaver tail is enough wider than a 1911s that it could form a hot spot on my right thumb knuckle. This is a problem I’ve had with other guns, as my grip is very high. If the beaver tail were narrower, though, the slide would tear chunks from that knuckle, there’s so little clearance. I think that my hand will toughen and a callus grow there so I’m not really worried. The barrel and slide have more play than I would expect from a 1911 in this price range. Magazines are very stiff to load. One of the three I could barely get the 15th in, and I have strong thumbs. After I got it loaded, it did not seat in the gun nearly as easily as the others. Maybe they’ll break in. I fired the only only box of (cheap) factory ammo I had on hand, Federal American Eagle 115 FMJs. No malfunctions. I like the way it feels. I was not shooting for accuracy, just banging at steel plates, but a couple of things became immediately apparent. First, it shoots around 3” low at 10 yards. I expect the bullet to land at the top of the front sight; not even close. Second, I really hate that fat front sight with the huge orange ball. I’ll be contacting Dawson Precision after further testing. I may need a new rear sight as well. Weighed the trigger pull on my Lyman digital gauge at 6-1/4 to 6-1/2 lbs, with a small amount of creep and overtravel. Not nearly as good as a 1911, but I think I can work with it. Maybe it can be improved. So, after very brief testing and handling, I am very hopeful. I need new sights, more magazines, a holster...some Dillon time.
  7. six-gun shooter

    Barrel tempering?

    That solution works pretty well with a .22 can. Tac Sol sells those, but your overall length with suppressor mounted is longer because you need 16” w/o suppressor, but enough of the suppressor protruding to grasp. A shroud big enough for a .30 can would be rather large. No way to tuck that into a handguard like you can with a .22 can + shroud. I’d go for the second stamp. Just shoot it as a pistol while you wait. Then you could swap other short uppers onto it as desired, and no issues with never being able to change handguards or gas blocks as you would with a pinned shroud.
  8. six-gun shooter

    Revolver A class!

    Thanks guys. I was pretty excited when I found out I’d done it.
  9. six-gun shooter

    Revolver A class!

    I pretty much put the ol’ Six-shooter away after 8 round minor happened and went to SS. Last time I shot it was a match in 2015. I pulled it out of the safe yesterday for a special classifier and managed an 80 and 82%! We don’t need to mention the other 3 stages, but it should finally put me in A class! I’m so excited.
  10. six-gun shooter

    CMMG Guard upper & QC10 / colt lower

    This is interesting. Need to think about it... Could you file the 0.015” off the top of the mag catch? To avoid modifying magazines. I guess you’d still have the monopodding issue without welding them. Too many magazines to modify, and it would be good if they’d still work in other guns.
  11. six-gun shooter

    Razor red dot riser

    I don’t have sights on mine, but I like to keep the height the same. IIIRC, I just stuck a 1/2” YHM riser under my Razor. I think it’s a little higher than an absolute cowitness. When people say “cowitness”, they may mean absolute or lower 1/3. Absolute would be around 1.41” above the rail I believe. Vortex seems to think everyone wants lower 1/3.
  12. six-gun shooter


    Pistol into a rifle, and back again, yes. Rifle into a pistol, no.
  13. six-gun shooter

    Firing Pin.......?

    I’m curious what “Top Product A” is...
  14. six-gun shooter

    Found a simple method to measure spring rate

    The length 5” 1911 springs are rated at is 1.625”. Commanders are rated at 1.125”, and Officers at 0.70”.
  15. six-gun shooter

    Carry Optics forum

    I like it. The dots used aren’t the same as Open, so they don’t really fit there anyway. Better in one place.