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  1. I have been uing the ipsc shot timer ap on my Galaxy S3 with my airsoft. Does anyone know if the the timer starts at the start of the beep or the end of the beep with this timer? I ask because I played with my pocket pro 2 in live fire the other day for the first time and I was noticably slower in live fire. I expected to be a little slower but not the .5 sec I was seeing. Either I am way timid drawing in live fire or the timers are measuring differently.
  2. I diagnosed the cause of my issues. Looks like the port at the top of the mag is not sealing with the port in the slide. If I put upward pressure on the mag to seat it higher, the pistol works great. If I pull down on the mag I just hear a poof sound and the slide does not operate. Need to figure out how to either seal that better or keep the mags higher. FWIW, this happens with both a We mag and a Tokyo Marui mag. Any ideas?
  3. Had mine for a few days now. It seems to be pretty accurate but I can't seem to get it to function properly for more than about 5-6 shots. I've tried to lube everything and haven't been able to fix it. The trigger is also very light. I still think it will be a good trainer for draw to first shot and transitions. Just need to get it to run properly.
  4. I'm curious to hear what you think of it as well. I don't know a thing about airsoft pistols. Can you generally change out sights and stuff to make them more like your competition guns? I'd like to put a FO front sight on if I got one.
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