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  1. I have run approximately 5k through my beretta 92 without issues. If they get to 18 bucks again I will buy more.
  2. I have done this more than once that's for sure...
  3. How are you mounting the optics on your 92?
  4. How do these handle being trampled on? Or is this something you don't walk on?
  5. Ended up going to mrbulletfeeder and wow it's worth the money. Thanks for all the feed back guys.
  6. Thanks sir. I ended up m rearranging my space to fit press. I appreciate your feedback.
  7. No doubt. I fully assembled it and didn't have any extras parts so when it wasn't working I started flipping through manual.... i panicked through trash and luckily found it stuck in a bag.
  8. I couldn't find part. It was stuck in a bag In the trash. It makes a difference in if anyone is curious.
  9. Thanks I just found that in the instructions. I guess reading this is a good idea...
  10. What am I doing wrong!? What am I needing to adjust to get brass to drop down? The arm doesn't move enough to drop brass 100 percent of time.
  11. Thanks i I saw that thread. I guess I should have asked if there is an appreciable difference in the different options. Sounds like no...
  12. where are yall getting the bearing upgrade kit? Hitfactor or somewhere else?
  13. Is the mrbulletfeeder die easier to set up than the hornady bullet feeder die? I find the hornady an absolute pita to set up for my coated cast bullets and am hoping that's not the case for mrbulletfeeder die... thanks
  14. Awesome thanks! I wasn't using caps...
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