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    Sig P320

    Any more word on the drop in trigger?
  2. Sounds interesting, I'll have to keep my eye on this.
  3. Ours is about 50/50, some nights just fine and some are warm. Maybe I just don't notice it enough to matter, room stays around 65ish and we run a small fan.
  4. Another vote for the Inline Fabrication Ergo handle.
  5. I just put mine on the back of the front post using the pics on their website as a guide. For those that don't already know, its a great product.
  6. I got one for Christmas. Ran a 5lb batch of 9mm with a few drops of Dawn and a half a 9mm case of Lemi-Shine. Turned out great. Ran it for two hours. Let the brass air dry and doesn't seem to have tarnished yet.
  7. Did they use the stock recoil spring or a lighter one?
  8. They ran good in a JM pro. I'll have to see if they run good in my 1301. They might not be the best, but good for practice and they seem much better than the Walmart bulk Winchester shot.
  9. Did they give any indication on MSRP? The new 18" one looks like a nice rifle depending on the pricing.
  10. Anyone see a price point yet? Just curious.
  11. Anyone running one of these? I know a guy who has one and loves it, just seeing what you guy's think? http://reloaders.com/bullet-seating-die-body-only/
  12. Yup, just give them a call, ordered one for the wife last Friday.
  13. Northwest Ohio. I'm not sure there is anyone real local. I really like Shay's work too, I wasn't sure if he did slide work/ tune ups on customers guns or not. Thanks,
  14. I've got a STI 2011 5.0 Tactical and I'd like someone to lighten the slide. Probably Tri-topped, not sure i want to go with the through lightening cuts or not. Plus, an overall tune up. Who should I be looking into?
  15. Not to change the subject, but is anyone running an STI grip done up by Advanced Performance? Just wondering how much smaller they make it vs stock. Or I guess does it feel smaller?
  16. Are these slimmer than a stock STI grip? I have smaller hands and was looking for something a tad slimmer. I know I can make my STI grip slimmer, but I like the looks of the steel grips.
  17. Anyone running Taran's new uppers or rifles with the KMR rail? If so, how does it shoot (accuracy, weight, swing, etc) I was looking at the 16" version not the super lite 14.7. Thanks,
  18. My wife had my 5" pro done (Quad). It will not cycle with my reloads but will cycle fine with factory ammo. I need to play around and see what's up with it. Thought it might help.
  19. Yes, pics please. I didn't know that was an option. Thanks
  20. Yup, angle iron legs. There is a piece of flat iron run across the bottom as well that I could bolt or weld something on. Wondering about some sort of a little blast shield to keep from chewing up the tires as well.
  21. Has anyone put wheels on their MGM plate rack? I'm open to ideas, even if its on a different brand. I was thinking about just using larger casters, but I think I'll want to use something more like a solid rubber wheel borrow wheel or similar since they are a bit wider and might roll better in grass. I'd be nice if I could be able to pull it with a lawn tractor if needed. Any tips or ideas would be great.
  22. Just got word that 8# of N320 is heading my way. Too bad I didn't BO more of it though. Been seeing a bit more powder here and there though.
  23. Yep doing the same thing now. Not going to put a lot of work into it though, it will just drive me to drink, lol
  24. They claim I only have slight Carpal tunnel, but my Right hand swells up and I can't really grip anything till the swelling goes down. And I can't do little manipulations with either of them some days. Like I loaded 300rnds and my left hand got sore from placing bullets. Sucks….
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