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  1. if you were coaching a team with different shooters what length/weight gun would you run. Top two or three sizes Currently, the fashion in length is for longer barrels 30'' in semiauto and 32'' in O/U. It is the stock that sees most of the fitting.. I've shot with a couple women, in the running for the Olympic Team. that shot heavy long guns. The stocks were fitted, however. I love err like 391s but... I usually don't recommend a gun I have not used but the new Remington Synthetic Competition 1100 certainly appears to have some merit. http://www.remington.com/en/products/firearms/shotguns/model-1100/model-1100-competition-synthetic.aspx
  2. Tangram

    Extended Chokes

    Look interesting Provoke conversation No tool needed to change them Sporting Clays a plus Sporting Clays a minus if you worry about changing not shooting Skeet or Trap see look interesting comment
  3. I am satisfied with my 682 Gold E Sporting 32". (Still on Beretta's web site on July 1.) By the way all the letters in the description are important an Optima barreled 682 moves differently from the older 682s. If you haven't done so already get yourself out with your 391 and shoot every gun you can get your hands on. I did this with squad mates at local matches. After the match was over many shooters generously let me shoot their gun with my factory loads. And yes, I think you already have a great sporting gun that won't hold you back at the highest levels. Get it fitted, shoot it much take lessons... you probably already know that.
  4. Tangram

    Beretta A400 Excel

    You want to start reloading.
  5. Tangram

    Beretta A400 Excel

    Disgusting now you have a gun that never misses. Enjoy holding up your end of the bargain.
  6. Tangram

    Beretta A400 Excel

    No foot stomping disagreement but I think cleaning a 391 is fairly straight forward. (Go to ShotgunWorld.com then to the Beretta forum find Seamus's book on the 391, and learn the 391.) I think it is worth noting there are several springs that merit replacement every 5000 to 10000 rounds. Beretta agrees with me some shooters go hurumph when they read this. If I were going to buy a semi it would be a 391 but have shot one much and I can get it to a perfect fit easily. A 400 is probably a excellent choice I just don't have enough experience since all I know came out of magazine articles. http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=101242
  7. Tangram

    Beretta A400 Excel

    "Beware, though, there are two versions of the 391, field and target. The target model is heavier so if you're shooting clays, be sure to get a target model." In addition, if you are shooting a clay game exclusively then get a 391 named after the discipline. Trap for trap, sporting for sporting ... a lot of hair splitting could apply but I believe this is good general advice. If I was going to shoot a little of everything then I'd get a sporting model. Caveat sporting is the game I enjoy most.
  8. What do you do about the stock bolt in many Berettas. Not necessarily a simple operation regardless of brand..
  9. Tangram


    Shoot what is important.
  10. Tangram

    One Day at a Time

    One Day at a Time - from AA 12 Step Present moment wonderful moment - Thich Nhat Hanh
  11. I have no desire to replace my 682 Gold E Sporting, 32" with a custom adj comb. I use it for serious sporting, 5 stand and casual, fun trap. As always try before you buy a couple rounds at least. Excellent gun....
  12. I don't. Leave them cocked they will spring into action just fine.
  13. Wonderful. You are out and shooting.
  14. Tangram


    Awareness Whether the student practices swordsmanship, archery, caligraphy, or tea ceremony, any conscious understanding of the practice that remains in the mind will only cause conflict during a performance. -Munenori Relayed by Brian's Maku mozo! postings
  15. Tangram


    I have been thinking about the discussions/contributions on the Zen forum. Began wondering what your Practice is. Meditation, reflection, and awareness are three forms of Practice that I engage in. By definition Practice carries the concept of regular and frequent. I do sitting meditation most days. I am of the sit down and shut-up school, with opportunities for Tonglin and attention to my breath. I enjoy sitting with groups too. Reflection is another regular form. The words reflective practitioner have resonance here. When shooting opening my awareness to what I do. Substitution of more effective actions for less. Awareness of mundane actions is the third form. Paying attention is key here. Wash hands with awareness of turning on the water, the feel the scent, my response, the splashing…. Some instructors Pema Chodron Jon Kabat-Zinn Thích Nhất Hạnh
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