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  1. MoonJeong

    Briley Invector ds choke

    Well - ended up getting Briley spectrums. The patterns are pretty much text book. The cool part is that I also have a Beretta 690 with the same bailey chokes. Both shotguns pattern exactly the same - that was surprising given the Browning has more backfiring!
  2. MoonJeong

    Want to add adjustable comb on shotgun around Atlanta

    Thanks all! I just found out that my silver pigeon has a big hollow stock and those are not workable...
  3. MoonJeong

    Low vs high velocity shot patterns

    Thanks - will have to try now.
  4. MoonJeong

    Create Separate Rifle & Shotgun Categories?

    That's what I'm thinking based on what I've researched, but I'm sure there is an easier low cost way of purchasing lead to make reloading cost effective. Based on 4 people shooting in my family, looks like we can easily do 2500 rounds per month... so if I can save a buck or two per 25, I would make up for the cost of the machine in less than a year...
  5. MoonJeong

    Number of Stages?

    One day is 8 stages. If you go 2 days, 16 stages.
  6. Hows the music sounf quality? Is it like old AM, of are they like modern day full fidelity?
  7. MoonJeong

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    Ive noticed that if i cut a spring because the load is too soft to cycle, i get to a point it becomes too short and it never cycles. Dont cut it.
  8. MoonJeong

    dvc open TROUBLESS AGAIN

    Agreed. I change my springs after5k’ rounds
  9. MoonJeong

    Create Separate Rifle & Shotgun Categories?

    I agree. Thinking of starting shotgun reloading
  10. MoonJeong

    glasses for trap

    How are radian glasses?
  11. MoonJeong

    Briley Invector ds choke

    I patterned the briley ds chokes and was very happy. Funny thing is that i have briley chokes for beretta 690 as well. What i found that patterns were identical for both shotguns, wasnt expecting that even with the same chokes.
  12. MoonJeong

    Low vs high velocity shot patterns

    Thats what i saw. Mich more consistent with slower loads.
  13. MoonJeong

    Low vs high velocity shot patterns

    How do you chrono shotloads? Same as metallic?
  14. MoonJeong

    Beretta 1301 Comp

    Will do. Thanks