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  1. MoonJeong

    My P10C mods

    Mine is doubling as well. And so,etimes not resetting. If you actuanlly point the gun to the ground with the trigger pressed all the way back, the trigger does not reset. I think when the slide closes really fasy, the trigger drops and the striker never engages it, hence no reset. Im thinking of sending mine back so cz can take a look at it.
  2. MoonJeong

    My P10C mods

    Thanks. Now im looking for a stronger trigger return spring. If we can find one that fits, i think we can get these down to 2lbs. That would be way fun!
  3. MoonJeong

    My P10C mods

    Question - what brand 2lb spring did you use? When I go Wolff 4lb , does not reset.
  4. All three guns look awesome. I've had the Czechmate and loved it, but the safety deployment is not smooth on the draw. Of the other two, I would take the limcat as Jonny loves to innovate and truly understands how weight balance in the right places makes such a big difference.
  5. Yes. My Rizzini Vertex. Patters awesome, fits awesome, looks awesome... it's the one that I wanted to love and was the go to shotgun every time I went to the safe. But when I get out to the field, I can't beat 21 in trap or 22 in skeet. When I pick up my 690, without practice I can get 25 in trap and 23 in skeet... every time. just weird.
  6. I will tell you that crystal quality is extremely important... none of the ones here are real HD. Check out the Pilla glasses with Zeiss HD glasses... there are some cool videos on how they make the glasses and the technology behind light transmission. Put one on and you'll be amazed.
  7. All the recommendations here are good. I will tell you quite impressed with he quality of CZ shotguns, those are in your price range. Additionally, the Winchester 101 sporting are slightly above your price point.
  8. Well - ended up getting Briley spectrums. The patterns are pretty much text book. The cool part is that I also have a Beretta 690 with the same bailey chokes. Both shotguns pattern exactly the same - that was surprising given the Browning has more backfiring!
  9. Thanks all! I just found out that my silver pigeon has a big hollow stock and those are not workable...
  10. That's what I'm thinking based on what I've researched, but I'm sure there is an easier low cost way of purchasing lead to make reloading cost effective. Based on 4 people shooting in my family, looks like we can easily do 2500 rounds per month... so if I can save a buck or two per 25, I would make up for the cost of the machine in less than a year...
  11. One day is 8 stages. If you go 2 days, 16 stages.
  12. Hows the music sounf quality? Is it like old AM, of are they like modern day full fidelity?
  13. Ive noticed that if i cut a spring because the load is too soft to cycle, i get to a point it becomes too short and it never cycles. Dont cut it.
  14. Agreed. I change my springs after5k’ rounds
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