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  1. I'd like to give the Zev a try, but seems like the Vickers Tactical mag catch is looking to be a great option. sent via Tapatalk
  2. Another vote for the G26, a good choice for GSSF. I shoot mine better than a G19, very accurate for its size. Comfortable for CCW, too. Personally, a Gen 4 G23 is next on my list. I sold a Gen 3 a couple months back, and haven't yet replaced it with the newer model. sent via Tapatalk
  3. Will spare you the details, but yes, some earlier models of Gen 4 pistols have had issues. Since then, issues have been resolved. Keep in mind that there is, through any brand/make, product that slips through quality control... and the web is one of the best places to hear about the less than 1% defect rate factory has claimed.The sheer volume of Glocks in the wild that compose that 1% could be all the more concerning. However, know that if you were to be of the unfortunate few with problems (and it shouldn't take long to figure it out), the factory will do all they can to make things right, up to and including a new pistol, if necessary. FWIW, I have recently sold a Gen 2 and a Gen 3, both are being replaced with new Gen 4s. Buy with confidence. sent via Tapatalk
  4. A big plus is that removing the adjustable back strap allows best fit to my average-sized hand. Gen 4 texture is not quite as sharp as an RTF variant, more aggressive than the Gen 3, however won't rub you raw when carrying concealed. The new RSA is also a benefit, longer service life, although you won't notice much difference in recoil reduction short of a 40 S&W. sent via Tapatalk
  5. Fin Feather and Fur is a good store, and based on a recent trip to the Berea location, other store may have priority for reloading supplies. I was told a good portion of stock was sent to Ashland. Based on recent trips to vacant Berea shelves, seems like Ashland may also have first dibs on new shipments. sent via Tapatalk
  6. Looking into cases is much easier with the IKEA JANSJÖ lamp, recommended to me a few months back. Basically a $10 flexible LED light fixture that is easily aligned to case. Base fits perfectly, next to my 550B (strong mount). sent via Tapatalk
  7. I like to refer to them as "lobe curls" I know a change in shape inside the ear sounds weird (pun intended), but true! Now all I have to do is break the habit of using cheeseburgers for muffs, and I will be good to go.
  8. Custom molded plugs are great, however if you're looking to drop a few lbs like I did, it may effect the fit. Lost about 20 and noticed a difference, didn't seal as well, so I just wear them under muffs now... something to consider if you're prepared to throw down a chunk of change on a custom fit.
  9. About 5 years ago, saw a sales rep demo popular brands by placing a load on a lubed bearing, until it seized. I watched as he knocked my favorites down one by one, until he applied FP-10 without fail. I picked up a bottle of FP-10 that day, and continue to use the brand on internals- a little bit goes a long way. Usually give a quick wipe down of Breakfree LP on the outside, as it's a better rust preventative than FP-10 IMO. sent via Tapatalk
  10. This issue was much more common in earlier runs of 40 cal Gen4's. Glock tweaked the design of the ejector and it seems to have remedied the issue. I have however replaced a few G19 Gen4 Trigger Mechanism Housings, which contain 9mm ejector 30275, the most recent iteration. I would recommend you either get in touch with a Certified Armorer or Glock directly at (770) 432-1202, and will provide the latest at no charge to you if needed - just have your serial handy. sent via Tapatalk
  11. Hmm... STP, sounds good to me, will give it a go! :thumbsup: sent via Tapatalk
  12. Only thinking for the ram, with no intention of slathering it. I have read it's a good alternative to 30W, does not gum up, and keeps things running slicker than snot.
  13. Thanks for the info and link. I have seen and understand direction, and do appreciate the tips. Maybe I was not clear, I am only looking to learn of those who use Ballistol, the pros and cons of deviating from what I am learning is the tried and true. Brian himself provided me with the same link, and had not heard of Ballistol, so I figured I'd turn to the forums... I know there's at least a few of you out there who use the stuff.
  14. Recently picked up a new Dillon RL 550B from Brian. While I am familiar with factory procedure for lubrication, I have heard and read about folks using Ballistol. I am not usually one to disregard factory recommends, but curious, has anyone found Ballistol products to offer an arguably better option for routine maintenance of Dillon presses?
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