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  1. When you bend over to tie your shoes and everybody thinks there was an AD.
  2. 100 grn bullet with 4.4 of AutoComp. 7.5 oz buffer with 308 recoil spring.
  3. I saw a guy shoot an entire American Handgunner match with a 1911 that didn't have any sights. He shot very well.
  4. None of the racks or stages are the same. It's a very fun match and like Doug said, big bang for the buck. If you come once you will be back, I've been shooting this match for around 12 years.
  5. PSA (Glock) lower, Anderson upper, Spinta bolt, Kaw Valley 7.5 oz buffer and .308 spring, Faxon 16" barrel, RRA 2-satge trigger and MMA brake. Shoots anything I put in it from 110 PF on up.
  6. PSA lower, Spinta bolt, Aero upper, Mag-pul stock, 7.5 oz Kaw Valley buffer, Guntech forearm, Faxon barrel.
  7. Spinta bolt, RRA NM 2 stage. No issues.
  8. Just the regular carbine .223 spring.
  9. The Kaw Valley buffer is 7.5 oz and is extended length so you don't need any quarters. It cut the dot bounce in half at the very least.
  10. I was on my way to the Fall Classic in Rolla one year. I got about 4 hrs into the drive and had an "oh crap" moment. NO rig and I'm not a small guy. I was lucky and found another shooter about my size that had extra stuff. Saved the whole match for me. Haven't forgotten it again!
  11. Just get the accurizing kit from Volquartsen, everything included.
  12. WOW, who knew? Awesome stuff right there.
  13. dgreen

    Which one?

    Towing capacity, you never know when you will have to pull a Ford. 5-Speed or Auto?
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